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Maxwell® HT simplyRNA Kit, Custom


High-Throughput Extraction of RNA from Tissue

  • Robust protocol supports many tissue types
  • High yield and purity, even from challenging tissue types
  • For in vitro Research Use Only

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This product is discontinued
Maxwell® HT simplyRNA Kit, Custom

Easily Isolate RNA on Any Instrument

The Maxwell® HT simplyRNA Kit can be used to make the process of automating isolation much simpler. Protocols are already available for the following automated platforms:

Beckman Biomek® 4000, Biomek® FXP and Biomek® NXP

Eppendorf epMotion®

Tecan Freedom EVO®

ThermoFisher KingFisher™ Flex

Hamilton Microlab® STAR

Yield and Purity of RNA from 25mg of Salmon Tissue


Tissue samples from salmon were extracted using the Maxwell® HT simplyRNA Kit automated on a Beckman Biomek® 4000 and analyzed using the NanoDrop® 1000. The RNA was of high purity, with notable exceptions for brain (lipid rich) and heart (fibrous) tissues, whose A260/A230 ratios were slightly reduced.

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