Maxwell® HT simplyRNA Kit, Custom

High-Throughput Extraction of RNA from Tissue

  • Robust protocol supports many tissue types
  • High yield and purity, even from challenging tissue types
  • For in vitro Research Use Only
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Maxwell® HT simplyRNA Kit, Custom

Ready-to-Go Kit, Expert Support Available 


The Maxwell® HT simplyRNA Kit is compatible with automation on all major platforms, including Hamilton Star/Nimbus, Tecan Freedom Evo/Fluent, Biomek i5/i7, Eppendorf epMotion, and particle movers such as KingFisher.

When you purchase a Promega extraction solution, you gain free access to our elite Field Support Scientists, method development services, and technical support. Contact us if you need help setting up the Maxwell® HT simplyRNA Kit on your robot.

With decades of experience in building personalized automation solutions, we can help you customize the scale, application, and chemistry, regardless of platform, exactly to your needs—the only limit is your imagination.


Automated RNA Extraction from Many Sample Types

  • Simple, automation-friendly method
  • No centrifugation or vacuum required
  • Support for lab automation systems isolating RNA from blood, blood cell fractions and other sample types

The Maxwell® HT simplyRNA Kit, Custom, provides a simple and reliable method for rapid isolation of RNA from blood, tissue and other sample types in a multiwell format. 



Yield and Purity of RNA from 25mg of Salmon Tissue. Tissue samples from salmon were extracted using the Maxwell® HT simplyRNA Kit automated on a Beckman Biomek® 4000 and analyzed using the NanoDrop® 1000. The RNA was of high purity, with notable exceptions for brain (lipid rich) and heart (fibrous) tissues, whose A260/A230 ratios were slightly reduced.

Automated RNA Extraction: Example Data

These application notes contain protocols and example data using the Maxwell® HT simplyRNA Kit to purify DNA from various sample types on different robotic systems.

DNA Extraction Protocols image-56882596


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