Maxwell® HT Genomic DNA Kit


Consistent and Reliable Automated Genomic DNA Extraction

  • Extracts high-quality DNA from whole blood, buffy coat, buccal swabs, cells and tissues
  • Uses the same extraction chemistry as the Maxwell® RSC Genomic DNA Kit
  • Provides high-performance DNA extraction for amplification-based assays


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Maxwell® HT Genomic DNA Kit
4 × 96 preps
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High-Efficiency, Automated Genomic DNA Extraction from a Broad Range of Sample Types

The Maxwell® HT Genomic DNA Kit is used in combination with laboratory automation to purify genomic DNA from multiple different sample types. Compatible sample types include human whole blood, buffy coat, buccal swabs, tissues and cells isolated from tissue cultures or various biological fluids. The Maxwell® HT Genomic DNA Kit offers research laboratories a platform solution with built-in flexibility for consistent and reliable DNA extraction from different sample types and input amounts for use in a variety of sensitive downstream applications.

Sample Types Compatible with the Maxwell® HT Genomic DNA Kit

Maxwell CSC Genomic DNA Kit purifies DNA from buccal swabs, cells or tissue.


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Item Part # Size Available Separately

Lysis Buffer

MC5018 1 × 160ml View Product

Maxwell® HT C Resin

A7751 4 × 5.5ml View Product

Proteinase K Solution

MC1111 1 × 20ml View Product

Binding Buffer (BBF)

A3121 1 × 185ml View Product

Wash Buffer (WBH)

MC5041 1 × 605ml View Product

Elution Buffer (EBH)

A8282 1 × 105ml View Product

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