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Maxwell® RSC Instrument

Automated DNA or RNA Extraction with Integrated Quantification

  • High-quality nucleic acid purification with minimal steps and less hands-on time
  • Integrated Quantus™ Fluorometer for sample quantification
  • Intuitive software and touch screen interface


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Maxwell® RSC Instrument
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Extract high-quality nucleic acids with less hands-on time

The Maxwell® RSC Instrument is a compact, automated nucleic acid purification platform that processes up to 16 samples simultaneously. Using prefilled cartridges and preprogrammed methods, the Maxwell® RSC offers consistent, reliable DNA or RNA extraction in 25–60 minutes, depending upon sample type. The intuitive graphical interface makes the instrument easy to use, and the integrated Quantus™ Fluorometer lets you collect purification and quantification data in one report.


Focus on the work you want to

There never seems to be enough time to do what you need to in the lab. Watch these researchers explain how they rely on the Maxwell® Instruments to save time on DNA and RNA extraction so they can focus on what matters to them.

Francis Crick Institute Case Study:

Benchtop Automated Nucleic Acid Purification

quote mark

It saves me in total about 40 minutes per 12 samples, and I do 4 runs per day, so that is almost half a day.

Yan Tsou, Laboratory Research Scientist

Anthony Nolan Research Institute Case Study:

Long-Read Next-Generation Sequencing Workflow

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It really is the workhorse of our lab in terms of DNA extraction… allowing us to process multiple samples at once with minimal hands-on time.

Thomas Turner, Senior Post Doctoral Research Scientist

No drips, plugs or sample loss with a paramagnetic particle mover

The Maxwell® RSC DNA or RNA extraction methods start with cartridges prefilled with purification reagents and paramagnetic particles, ready for your samples. After sample addition, the Maxwell® RSC moves the paramagnetic particles and associated nucleic acids through multiple steps ultimately yielding highly pure RNA or DNA in 30–100µl.

Because the Maxwell® RSC is a magnetic particle mover, not a liquid handler, it offers advantages over other automated systems. There is minimal risk of cross-contamination because no liquid handling or splashing happens during sample processing. With no clogs and fewer breakdowns, there are fewer disruptions to your workflow.

Drawing of DNA Extraction Adding and Mixing Samples
Drawing of DNA Extraction Capture and Binding

Easy-to-use interface simplifies your RNA or DNA extraction workflow

Photo of Maxwell RSC DNA RNA Purification Touch Screen

Touch the screen to start the process

The intuitive touch screen interface lets you easily set up your DNA or RNA extraction run. And the advanced administrator functions let you control required sample information and report archiving options.

Photo of Easy-to-Use DNA RNA Extraction Kit Interface

Prepare the sample cartridges

Place prepared cartridges in the Maxwell® RSC. Press “Start” to purify 1–16 samples using the selected kit’s preprogrammed method. New kit methods are easy to install to expand your instrument capabilities.

Photo of Quantus after Maxwell RSC DNA RNA Extraction

Quantitate your purified sample

Complete your nucleic acid purification workflow with highly sensitive and specific fluorescence-based nucleic acid quantification using the Quantus™ Fluorometer with a simple add-and-read format, and receive all your sample data in one report. Easily archive your run reports and export the data for your lab notebook.

Integrated Quantus™ Fluorometer for quantitation

Following nucleic acid purification with the Maxwell® RSC, you can quickly and easily quantitate your sample using the included Quantus™ Fluorometer.

The Quantus™ Fluorometer is a dual-channel fluorometer that provides highly sensitive fluorescent detection in a compact, simple-to-use instrument. When used with the preprogrammed settings for Promega QuantiFluor® Dye Systems (QuantiFluor® dsDNA, RNA and ssDNA Systems), the Quantus™ Fluorometer can quickly quantitate nucleic acids. The sensitivity and broad dynamic range of the Quantus™ Fluorometer and QuantiFluor® Dyes allow you to complement your absorbance-based methods and quantify your target molecule over a wider range of concentrations.

Quantus Fluorometer

The Quantus™ Fluorometer is equipped with two fluorescence channels for nucleic acid and protein quantitation:

Blue fluorescence channel:
Excitation 495nm shortpass (wavelengths up to 495nm), emission 510–580nm.

Red fluorescence channel:
Excitation 640nm shortpass (wavelengths up to 640nm), emission 660–720nm.

Quantitate Even Low-Level DNA Samples

The sensitivity and broad dynamic range of the Quantus™ Fluorometer and QuantiFluor® Dyes allow you to complement your absorbance-based methods and quantify your target molecule over a wider range of concentrations.

Example of Sensitive DNA Quantitation Using Quantus

Works with multiple sample types

DNA Extraction

DNA purified with the Maxwell® RSC System is compatible with a wide range of downstream applications such as Sanger and next generation sequencing, arrays and digital PCR.


Maxwell® RSC Whole Blood DNA Kit »
Extracts DNA from larger sample sizes (up to 500µl) of whole blood without preprocessing

Maxwell® RSC Blood DNA Kit »
Extracts higher yields of DNA from up to 300µl of whole blood following Proteinase K treatment

Maxwell® RSC Buffy Coat DNA »
Extracts DNA from buffy coat from blood

Buccal Swabs

Maxwell® RSC Buccal Swab DNA Kit »
Extracts DNA from buccal swab

Fecal Samples

Maxwell® RSC Fecal Microbiome DNA Kit »
Extracts DNA from human and mammalian feces.


Maxwell® RSC Cultured Cells DNA Kit »
Extracts DNA from up to 5x10 mammalian tissue culture cells and 2x10 bacterial cells

Maxwell® RSC Cell DNA Purification Kit »
Extracts DNA from samples containing less than 10,000 cells such as amniotic fluid, cerebral spinal fluid and cell supernatants


Maxwell® RSC DNA FFPE Kit »
Extracts DNA from formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue sections

Maxwell® FFPE Plus LEV DNA Purification Kits »
Extracts DNA from FFPE samples with comparable performance to the Maxwell® 16 DNA FFPE LEV Plus Kit


Maxwell® RSC Tissue DNA Kit »
Extracts DNA from 50mg of tissue

Plants and Food

Maxwell® RSC Plant DNA Kit »
Extracts DNA from a range of plant sample types including soybean, corn and Arabidopsis

Maxwell® RSC PureFood GMO and Authentication Kit »
Extracts DNA from a wide range of food sample types including soybean, corn, canola, fish, beef and pork

Maxwell® RSC PureFood Pathogen Kit »
Extracts bacterial DNA from a wide range of food sample types for use in NGS, serotyping and identification of spoilage organisms

Saliva Tubes

Maxwell® RSC Stabilized Saliva DNA Kit »
Extracts DNA from stabilized saliva tubes


Maxwell® RSC ccfDNA Plasma Kit »
Extracts ccfDNA from plasma

Maxwell® RSC Viral Total Nucleic Acid Purification Kit »
Extracts viral total nucleic acid (RNA and DNA) from serum, plasma and other samples

RNA Extraction

RNA purified with the Maxwell® RSC System is compatible with downstream applications, such as RT-PCR.


Maxwell® RSC simplyRNA Blood Kit »
Purifies total RNA from 2.5ml of fresh whole blood


Maxwell® RSC simplyRNA Cells Kit »
Purifies total RNA from fresh or frozen cells


Maxwell® RSC RNA FFPE Kit »
Extracts RNA from formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue sections


Maxwell® RSC Plant RNA Kit »
Extracts RNA from a range of plant sample types including soybean, corn and Arabidopsis


Maxwell® RSC simplyRNA Tissue Kit »
Purifies total RNA from up to 20mg of tissue

Maxwell® RSC miRNA Tissue Kit »
Purifies total RNA, including miRNA, from mammalian tissue samples


Maxwell® RSC Viral Total Nucleic Acid Purification Kit »
Extracts viral total nucleic acid (RNA and DNA) from serum, plasma and other samples

Maxwell® RSC miRNA Plasma and Serum Kit »
Purifies high-quality, amplifiable miRNA from plasma, serum or enriched exosomes

Instrument Specifications

Processing Time: 25–60 minutes

Number of Samples: Up to 16

Weight: 24.2lb (11kg)

Dimensions: 13W × 13.6D × 11.8H inches(330.2 × 345.2 × 299.7mm)

Power Requirements: 100–240VAC,50/60Hz, 2.5A

Fuse: 250VAC, 2.5A, low breaking capacity, time-lag fuse (AC250V, T2.5AL, 5 × 20mm)

UV Bulb: Average lifetime approximately 6,000 hours, length 135.9mm, diameter 16mm, 4W, 0.17A current, 29V, spectral peak F 253.7, UV output 0.9W

Instrument Standard Components

Photo of Maxwell RSC Extraction and Purification Instrument
Components of Standard Maxwell RSC Instrument

A. Maxwell® RSC Instrument

B. Tablet PC preloaded with Maxwell® RSC Application Software

C. USB Cable - Maxwell® RSC Instrument to Tablet PC

D. Power Cable for Maxwell® RSC Instrument

E. Power Cords for Tablet PC

F. Maxwell® RSC/CSC Deck Tray

G. Quantus™ Fluorometer and accessories

H. Tablet PC Holder

I. USB cable - Maxwell® RSC Instrument to Quantus™ Fluorometer

UV Bulb (installed)

Quick Start Guide

Setup Guide

Accessories Available Separately

Additional deck trays, plungers and an optional bar code reader are available for purchase separately.


Certificate of Analysis

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Use Restrictions

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

Storage Conditions


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