RNA Detection Bioassays

RNA therapeutics based on mRNA, siRNA and antisense RNA technologies represent the cutting-edge of cancer therapies, infectious disease treatments and vaccine technologies.

Our easy-to-use assays give you accurate, reliable and precise results required for quantifying RNA contaminants during the development of RNA therapeutics. For example, our innovative Lumit® dsRNA Detection Assay and TLR3 Bioassay provide complementary methods to quantify the presence of dsRNA using luminescent readouts.

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An Introduction to RNA Detection Bioassays

The development of RNA therapeutics has traditionally faced several hurdles that include the rapid degradation of RNA, ineffective delivery and strong immunogenicity leading to toxicity. Such factors highlight the need to understand the properties and quality of RNA therapeutics in development. For example, dsRNA is a highly detrimental byproduct of many RNA manufacturing processes.

The ability to quantify dsRNA contamination specifically and sensitively is essential for developing effective RNA therapies. Measuring the extent of cellular immune activation caused by the presence of dsRNA is crucial for the safe and effective development of RNA therapeutics. Further, by carefully monitoring this byproduct, drug developers can successfully optimize and scale RNA therapeutic manufacturing processes.