Glycosidases for Mass Spectrometry

Endoglycosidases and exoglycosidases are tools for structural and functional analysis of glycoproteins. Endoglycosidases like PNGase F and Endo H are routinely used to remove carbohydrates from N-glycosylated proteins. We recommend a mixture of endoglycosidases and exoglycosidases to analyze O-glycosylated proteins.

Promega products for studying protein glycosylation include PNGase F, Endonuclease H and Fetuin. Fetuin is a glycoprotein that can be used as a positive control in glycosylation analysis.

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What are Glycosidases?

Glycosylation is the most abundant post-translational modification (PTM) in eukaryotic proteins. Glycosylation structures on proteins have diverse functions and can serve as disease biomarkers. Therefore, tools that facilitate glycoprotein characterization are extremely important.

Glycosidases are used to characterize glycoproteins and glycan structures by LC-MS/MS, to monitor protein trafficking (endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi) and for correlation of structural and functional protein analysis data.