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The Academic Access Program (AAP)

Promega is committed to supporting academic scientists. We’re looking for key thought leaders in immuno-oncology, therapeutic antibody discovery, CAR-T cell therapy, inflammatory response, vaccine development and other areas where next-generation biologic drugs are being discovered. Through the use of our cutting-edge tools and reagents, you can impact human health quicker and more consistently than ever before.

Join the Academic Access Program

To learn more and find out if you qualify for the program, fill out this form to tell us about you and your research.

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Promega AAP Benefits


Get early access to pre-launch, cutting edge technology being developed by Promega R&D


Influence technology development through direct interaction with Promega’s Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) and R&D scientists


Join (or create) an Innovator Network of thought leaders within your field of research supported by Promega


Gain eligibility for travel grants to conferences where Promega technology will be presented

Access program-specific pricing on Promega’s full catalog of cell-based functional bioassays

Qualify for additional program-specific pricing for pre-built CRISPR engineered cell lines

The Bioassay Advantage

The use of Mechanism of Action (MoA)-based bioassays to measure the activity of Antibody-based therapeutic drug candidates is critical throughout the drug development workflow. Promega bioassays offer a rapid and simple workflow compared to traditional methods that rely on inconsistent methods involving primary cell culture to measure potency of biologics.

An image showing Promega’s Bioassay General Principle

Promega Bioassay General Principle. Bioassay Effector Cells are engineered to express either FcγR, or immune checkpoint or cytokine or growth factor receptors/ligands and luciferase reporters driven by an appropriate response element that is based on MoA. In the presence of antibody and/or target cells expressing the relevant antigen, the effector cells will transduce intracellular signals, resulting in luciferase activity that can be easily quantified.

Bioassays for Academic Research

CRISPR-Engineered Cell Lines

By using CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing to knock in a tag at endogenous loci of interest, proteins expressed by the native promoter can be studied using simple optical output measurements. Compared to overexpression models, endogenously tagged proteins maintain natural epigenetic regulation and stoichiometry with native interacting partners, resulting in improved assay windows, minimized artifacts, and more accurate models of protein biology under physiologically relevant conditions.

Learn more about CRISPR and HIBiT TaggingSee CRISPR engineered cell lines
An image showing Endogenous Loci Tagging Using CRISPR/Cas9 Knock-In

Still Have Questions?

Read through the answers to the frequently asked questions.

Products FAQ

What products are included in the program?  Promega’s full portfolio of functional bioassays and pre-built CRISPR-edited cell lines are included in the AAP.

Can I include other products?  The aim of the AAP is to increase collaboration between academic researchers and Promega. Should you require something outside the scope of the current AAP, please contact your local Promega account manager to discuss your requirements.

What about CRISPR content?  Promega is fully licensed to produce and provide CRISPR engineered cell lines to all customer segments. AAP specific pricing applies to these cell lines.

Pricing FAQ

What pricing will I be offered? Pricing depends on the type of engagement and collaboration you agree upon with your Promega account manager.

Are there minimum order requirements? There are no requirements for order size, volume or frequency.

Is there a fee to join? Aside from the cost of the products you purchase, there is no additional cost to join the program.

Terms & Conditions FAQ

What’s the catch? There is no catch, but there are terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are designed to support a partnership between Promega and academic researchers to apply Promega’s cutting edge technologies to the most urgent biomedical research needs at an affordable academic price. Terms and conditions are specific to each geographical region and you should contact your local Promega account manager for more information.

What do you expect from me? The Promega Academic Access Program is a tool to enable research and the level of commitment and collaboration will depend upon the research activity. We may require you to share product related data with our R&D team (in complete confidence) or we may offer you the opportunity to present your work at a conference attended by Promega. The exact level of collaboration will be agreed upon prior to acceptance into the AAP.

General FAQ

What is an innovator network? An innovator network is a group of like-minded researchers who are pursuing the same research goal or are using the same types of Promega products. We wish to connect people who are doing the same type of research to enhance discussion and accelerate discovery. We are committed to moving science forward and developing additional tools and technologies identified by the innovator network as relevant to their research. Promega will support the creation of innovator networks either virtually (among organizations) or physically (within organizations).

What opportunities are there to present my work? Participants within the AAP may be offered the opportunity to present a poster or talk at a meeting or conference. These meetings can occur in any part of the world and registration and travel costs will be sponsored by Promega. Other opportunities to share research could involve participating in a webinar or coauthoring papers or application notes.

Who can join? If you are working in immuno-oncology, inflammatory response, vaccine development or other areas where next-generation biologic drugs are being discovered, then we would like to hear from you. Our goal is to collaborate with key thought leaders in these disciplines within the academic environment to accelerate research and development globally.

What are the benefits to joining?

  • Early access to development project material pertaining to your area of research.
  • Direct access to Promega R&D and ATG (Advanced Technology Group) scientists, along with the possibility to influence the direction of Promega product development activities.
  • Opportunity to join or create an Innovator Network of experts in your field of research supported by Promega.


Join the Academic Access Program

To learn more and find out if you qualify for the program, fill out this form to tell us about you and your research.

Apply Here