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Functional Bioassays

Reporter bioassays and cell health assays are used to characterize and develop novel mAb-based therapeutics. This page includes product listings and examples of how functional bioassays are used throughout biologics drug development workflows. 

Bioassays are available to interrogate the following biological functions:

  • Fc effector activity
  • Immune checkpoint modulation
  • T cell retargeting
  • Cytokine and growth factor signaling
  • Tumor antigen-specific cell killing

In addition to the products listed below, our Assay Development and Services team can provide personalized solutions for your workflow.

A Multipronged Approach to Antibody Therapeutics

Antibody-based therapeutic drugs can be broadly classified into six categories depending on their mechanism of action (MOA), as indicated in the schematic below. Many biologic drugs function via a single mechanism; however, newer drug candidates are being designed that function through multiple mechanisms. The use of MOA-based bioassays to measure the activity of drug candidates is critical throughout the drug development workflow.

Multi pronged approach to Ab therapeutics

Adapted from Weiner, et al. (2015) Nature Reviews Cancer 15, 361–70

Viral Vaccine Development

These publications highlight the use of Promega ADCC and ADCP bioassays in viral vaccine and therapeutic research and development.

Download Publications List

Immunotherapeutic Drug Development

These publications highlight use of Promega reporter bioassays for mAb therapeutics, bispecific antibodies, and other immunotherapy applications.

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