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HQ and GST Tag Flexi® Vectors for E. coli and Cell-Free Protein Expression

The vectors below are used for inducible expression of HQ- and GST-tagged fusion proteins in E. coli and cell-free systems using the T7 RNA polymerase promoter. The HQ tag and polyhistidine tag (His) are comparable in their affinity for Ni ions and will bind to all His-binding surfaces and resins. In certain cases the HQ-tagged proteins can be eluted from the affinity columns at lower concentrations of imidazole—a property useful for some downstream applications such as enzymatic reactions. As with His tag, proteins can be expressed from bacterial, insect and mammalian systems and purified under either native or...

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pFN2A (GST) Flexi® Vector

- C8461 $ 322.00 Add to cart

pFN2K (GST) Flexi® Vector

- C8471 $ 322.00 Add to cart

pFN6A (HQ) Flexi® Vector

- C8511 $ 322.00 Add to cart

pFN6K (HQ) Flexi® Vector

- C8521 $ 322.00 Add to cart

pFC7A (HQ) Flexi® Vector

- C8531 $ 322.00 Add to cart

pFC7K (HQ) Flexi® Vector

- C8541 $ 322.00 Add to cart

pF1A T7 Flexi® Vector

- C8441 $ 285.00 Add to cart

pF1K T7 Flexi® Vector

- C8451 $ 285.00 Add to cart

GenBank®/EMBL Accession Number

pFN2A (GST) Accession Number AY753578; pFN2A (GST) Vector sequence text file.
pFN2K (GST) Accession Number AY753579; pFN2K (GST) Vector sequence text file.
pFN6A (HQ) Accession Number DQ132629; pFN6A (HQ) Vector sequence text file.
pFN6K (HQ) Accession Number DQ132630; pFN6K (HQ) Vector sequence text file.
pFC7A (HQ) Accession Number DQ133906; pFC7A (HQ) Vector sequence text file.
pFC7K (HQ) Accession Number DQ133907; pFC7K (HQ) Vector sequence text file.
pF1A T7 Accession Number AY753576; pF1A T7 Vector sequence text file.
pF1K T7 Accession Number AY753577; pF1K T7 Vector sequence text file.

Storage Conditions

Store vectors at –20°C.

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