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Molecular Biology Enzymes and Reagents

Select from our array of cloning enzymes such as ligases, polymerases and PNK, DNA modifying enzymes (e.g., phosphatases and nucleases) as well as labeling systems and PCR and sequencing primers.

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DNA 5´ End-Labeling System

Contains reagents, buffers and control DNA standards to end label ssDNA, dsDNA and RNA. Just add your nucleic acid and radionucleotide.


Labeling 5X Buffer

Labeling 5X Buffer is a component of the Prime-a-Gene Labeling System.


Prime-a-Gene® Labeling System

Complete kit for random-primed labeling of linear template DNA excluding radionucleotides.


pUC/M13 Sequencing Primers

Designed for sequencing inserts cloned into the M13 vectors and pUC plasmids.

Q5401, Q5421, Q5601

RNA Polymerase Promoter Sequencing Primer

Designed for sequencing inserts cloned into various vectors including pGEM®, pALTER®-MAX and pCI-neo Vectors.


pTargeT™ Sequencing Primer

Designed for sequencing inserts cloned into the pTargeT™ Mammalian Expression Vector.


T3 RNA Polymerase

DNA-dependent RNA polymerase used for in vitro transcription and has high affinity and specificity for T3 promoter sequences.

P2083, P4024

T7 RNA Polymerase

DNA-dependent RNA polymerase for in vitro transcription that has high specificity for T7 promoter sequences.

P2075, P2077, P4074

SP6 RNA Polymerase

DNA-dependent RNA polymerase that exhibits extremely high specificity for SP6 promoter sequences.

P1085, P1081, P4084

RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitors

Proteins that inhibit RNase A family and human placental RNases by noncovalently binding to RNases in a 1:1 ratio.

N2111, N2115, N2511, N2515, N2611, N2615

TSAP Thermosensitive Alkaline Phosphatase

Removes 5´ phosphate groups from DNA ends, preventing recircularization vector DNA; is heat inactivated.


RQ1 RNase-Free DNase

RQ1 (RNA Qualified) RNase-Free DNase is a DNase I that degrades both dsDNA and ssDNA.


S1 Nuclease

Endonuclease that degrades single-stranded DNA and RNA to yield 5´-phosphoryl-terminated products.


GoTaq® Hot Start Polymerase

High-performance GoTaq® DNA Polymerase bound to an antibody that blocks polymerase activity.

M5001, M5005, M5006, M5008

Mung Bean Nuclease

Degrades ssDNA and RNA endonucleolytically to yield 5´-phosphoryl-terminated products.


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