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Molecular Biology Enzymes

Promega offers a variety of cloning enzymes including DNA and RNA ligases and polymerases. T7, T3, and SP6 RNA Polymerases are popular choices for in vitro transcription, as they are highly specific for their respective promoters, and produce high-quality transcripts that can later be used as templates for in vitro translation.

DNA modifying enzymes such as phosphatases, nucleases, and polynucleotide kinase are also available. In addition, we provide radiolabeling systems for linear DNA templates, and PCR and sequencing primers for sequencing inserts that have been cloned into various vectors.

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Introduction to Molecular Biology Enzymes and Reagents

The most basic tools that enable the core technologies of molecular biology are enzymes and reagents. 

Cloning enzymes include DNA ligases, which are typically used for ligation of DNA inserts into vectors, DNA polymerases for initiation of DNA synthesis, and RNA polymerases for initiation of transcription of RNA from a DNA template. DNA modifying enzymes allow manipulation of DNA for specific purposes. For example, nucleases are used to degrade DNA and/or RNA. Each nuclease has its specific purpose. S1 Nuclease degrades single-stranded DNA and single-stranded RNA, leaving behind blunt-ended double-stranded DNA or RNA.