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Oncology Sample Prep Solutions

Simplify and speed your oncology sample extraction with proven Promega reagents. Rapid and efficient nucleic acid extraction is critical when processing pathology samples, whether from tissue or liquid biopsies. We offer a range of oncology sample extraction reagents and modular instrument solutions to streamline pathology assessment.

Liquid Biopsy Sample Prep

Liquid biopsy, involving the detection of specific biomarkers in circulating cell-free DNA (ccfDNA) or miRNA, holds promise as a non-invasive technique for diagnosis and monitoring of various cancers.
We offer a number of kits for extraction of ccfDNA or miRNA from plasma or serum in benchtop automation or plate-based high-throughput robotic extraction formats.

FFPE Tissue: Nucleic Acid Extraction and Clean-Up

ReliaPrep™ DNA Clean-Up and Concentration System

Purification and concentration of DNA from dilute FFPE samples.

Application Note:

Concentration of FFPE DNA using the ReliaPrep™ DNA Clean-Up and Concentration System

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FFPE Webinars

To learn more about extraction of nucleic acids from FFPE tissue samples, sign up for one of these on-demand webinars.

Overcoming the Challenges of Working with FFPE Samples

RNA Extraction from FFPE Tissue for NGS Detection of Gene Fusions



Many extraction methods for fecal microbiome DNA involve several manual processing steps and mechanical disruption. The Maxwell® RSC Fecal Microbiome DNA Kit, used with the Maxwell® Instruments, provides an easy automated method that efficiently purifies microbiome DNA for characterization in downstream assays including qPCR and next-gen sequencing.

Maxwell® methods for the Maxwell® RSC Fecal Microbiome DNA Kit can process up to 16 samples in approximately 60 minutes.

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Optimize Your Workflow With Support From Our Automation Experts

Our Field Support Specialists are experts in major liquid handler types, including the Promega Maxprep® Instrument, Hamilton Microlab STAR® series, Tecan Freedom EVO® and Fluent® series, Eppendorf epMotion® and Beckman Biomek® series. We offer prewritten and customized scripts as well as in-lab/remote assistance. Let us help optimize your current workflow or discuss automation solutions to fit your lab’s needs.

Learn More About Assay Automation
Lumit Dx Assay is compatible with many automation platforms