Plant and Food Testing

Automated Plant DNA Extraction

Isolate DNA from a variety of plant samples quickly and efficiently with the Maxwell® plant DNA kits. Obtain high-quality DNA for use in downstream sequencing and qPCR.

Plant and Food Purification System Selector

Find the best chemistry for your nucleic acid purification need from plant or food samples. Search by throughput, sample type, species or application.

Wizard® Magnetic DNA Purification System for Food

This system is designed to isolate DNA from a variety of food samples including corn seeds, cornmeal, chocolate and lecithin, suitable for PCR-based testing.

Wizard® Magnetic 96 DNA Plant System

Designed for manual or automated 96-well purification of DNA from plant leaf and seed tissue. The purified DNA can be used in PCR and RAPD analysis.

Custom Amplification Master Mixes

Work with custom manufacturing to develop PCR master mixes that improve consistency and reliability of qPCR and PCR assays.

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