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Licensing Opportunities

At Promega, we are interested in pursuing business development partnerships via in-licensing, and we also offer out-licensing of a number of key technologies. We have extensive experience developing a wide range of technologies for drug screening, biotechnology, clinical, academic and applied markets. Our broad portfolio includes industry-leading bioluminescent assays, nucleic acid purification systems for manual to automated research and clinical applications, and protein purification, pull-down and analysis solutions. We hold significant intellectual property rights and licenses in several key areas that form a foundation for our diverse portfolio.

Promega Licensing Portal

Please contact us if you need assistance.


We are actively seeking licensing opportunities in the following areas:

  • Nucleic acid and Protein Purification
  • Cellular Analysis
  • Bioluminescent Technologies
  • Proteomics
  • Genetic Identity and Forensics

For further information on these areas of interest, please review the PDF document below. Please contact us using the Promega Licensing Portal link on the upper right of this page to disclose technology licensing opportunities.


NanoLuc® Luciferase

NanoLuc is a small, bright luciferase that brings exquisite sensitivity to reporter assays and other bioluminescence applications, including protein interactions, protein stability analysis, in vivo imaging, BRET analysis and biosensors.

Learn About NanoLuc

HaloTag® Protein Purification and Labeling Technology

HaloTag® technology is a comprehensive platform for functional protein analysis, based on the formation of a covalent bond between a protein fusion tag (HaloTag) and synthetic chemical ligand. Diversity of HaloTag® ligands allows many applications including protein purification, protein interaction discovery, protein arrays, cell-based assays for protein translocation, receptor internalization and protein stability analysis.

Learn About HaloTag

Firefly Luciferase

Promega scientists have developed state-of-the-art firefly luciferase reporter genes designed for improved /sensitivity, reduced background and greater biological relevance.

Learn About Luciferase Assays

GloSensor™ Technology

GloSensor represents a platform technology of biosensors for the intracellular detection of signal transduction in living cells.

Learn About GloSensor

Monster Green® Fluorescent Protein

An ideal fluorescent reporter that provides high-level fluorescence and reduced cytotoxicity. Monster Green® Fluorescent Protein generally fluoresces at least 20% brighter than other commercially available green fluorescent proteins.

Learn About Monster Green
Please contact us at or use the Promega Licensing Portal link to disclose technology licensing opportunities.