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Monster Green® Fluorescent Protein phMGFP Vector

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Improved Synthetic GFP Reporter with Greater Fluorescent Intensity and Reduced Cytotoxicity

  • Visualize low-level expression in situ using fluorescence microscopy, imagers or FACS®
  • Create fusion proteins for imaging and localization studies using standard FITC detection
  • Transfect at high efficiencies for precloning confirmation studies


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Monster Green® Fluorescent Protein phMGFP Vector
$ 819.00
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The phMGFP Vector contains the open reading frame for the Monster Green® Fluorescent Protein cloned into a mammalian expression vector. The Monster Green® Fluorescent Protein is encoded by an improved synthetic version of the green fluorescent protein gene originally cloned from Montastrea cavernosa (Great Star Coral). The synthetic gene (hMGFP) expresses a 26kDa protein that shows improved fluorescence intensity compared to the native gene. Furthermore, the hMGFP gene has been codon optimized and cleared of most consensus sequence transcription factor binding sites to ensure reliability and high levels of expression.

The Monster Green® Fluorescent Protein encoded by the hMGFP gene is an ideal fluorescent reporter, providing high-level fluorescence and reducing cytotoxicity. Monster Green® Fluorescent Protein generally fluoresces at least 20% brighter than other commercially available green fluorescent proteins (GFPs) and also minimizes cellular perturbations, offering flexibility when working with transient and stable expression assays.


Monster Green® Fluorescent Protein phMGFP Vector GenBank® Accession Number AY218848 and vector sequence text file.


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Monster Green® Fluorescent Protein phMGFP Vector

E642A 1 × 20μg

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For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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BY USE OF THIS PRODUCT, RESEARCHER AGREES TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS LIMITED USE STATEMENT. If the researcher is not willing to accept the conditions of this limited use statement, and the product is unused, Promega will accept return of the unused product and provide the researcher with a full refund.
Researchers may use this product for research use only, no commercial use is allowed. Commercial Use means any and all uses of this product and derivatives by a party for monetary or other consideration and may include but is not limited to use in: (1) product manufacture; and (2) to provide a service, information or data; and/or resale of the product or its derivatives, whether or not such product or derivatives are resold for use in research. Researchers shall have no right to modify or otherwise create variations of the nucleotide sequence of the Monster Green® gene except that researchers may create fused gene sequences provided that the coding sequence of the resulting Monster Green® gene has no more than four deoxynucleotides missing at the affected terminus compared to the intact Monster Green® gene sequence. No other use or transfer of this product or derivatives is authorized without the prior express, written consent of Promega Corporation. Researchers may transfer derivatives to others for research use provided that at the time of transfer a copy of this label license is given to the recipients and recipients agree to be bound by the terms of this label license. PROMEGA MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING FOR MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE WITH REGARDS TO THE PRODUCT. The terms of this agreement shall be governed under the laws of the State of Wisconsin, USA.

The gene encoding Monster Green® Fluorescent Protein is exclusively licensed to Promega Corporation under U.S. Pat. Nos. 7,291,711 and 7,413,874 and other patents pending.


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