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Rabbit Reticulocyte Lysate, Nuclease-Treated

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In Vitro Translation of mRNA and Characterization of mRNA Products

  • Optimized for translation and ready to use
  • Contains an energy-regenerating system, a mix of tRNAs, hemin, potassium chloride and magnesium acetate


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Rabbit Reticulocyte Lysate, Nuclease-Treated
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Identify mRNAs, Characterize Protein Products 

Rabbit Reticulocyte Lysate System, Nuclease Treated can be used to identify mRNA species, characterize their protein products and investigate transcriptional and translational control. Rabbit Reticulocyte Lysate is prepared from New Zealand white rabbits using a standard protocol that ensures reliable and consistent reticulocyte production in each lot. After the reticulocytes are lysed, the extract is treated with micrococcal nuclease to destroy endogenous mRNA and thus reduce background translation to a minimum. The lysate contains the cellular components necessary for protein synthesis (tRNA, ribosomes, amino acids, initiation, elongation and termination factors).

Learn More: See the Protein Expression chapter of the Protocols & Applications Guide for more information.

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  • In vitro translation from mRNA, in vitro run-off transcripts or total RNA into protein
  • Characterization of mRNA products
  • Co-translational processing of secreted proteins by the addition of microsomal membranes to the translation reaction
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  2. Glass, C.A. and Pollard, K.M. (1990) Promega Notes 26, 6–9.


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Item Part # Size Concentration Available Separately

Reticulocyte Lysate, Nuclease Treated

L416A 5 × 200μl

Amino Acid Mixture Minus Cysteine

L447C 1 × 50μl 1mM

Luciferase Control RNA

L456A 1 × 10μl View Product

Amino Acid Mixture Minus Leucine

L995A 1 × 50μl 1mM

Amino Acid Mixture Minus Methionine

L996A 1 × 50μl 1mM View Product

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