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Luciferase Control RNA

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Unique Functional Control to Monitor In Vitro Translation Reactions

  • Control reactions are easily monitored using a luciferase assay
  • Safe, non-radioactive format to monitor control activity
  • Supplied at a concentration of 1mg/ml


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Luciferase Control RNA
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Luciferase Control RNA is a unique functional control for in vitro translation reactions. Luciferase Control RNA is an uncapped in vitro-transcribed RNA containing a 30-base poly(A) tail that produces functional luciferase when translated. Control reactions are monitored easily by a luciferase assay for the production of luminescence generated from the full-length luciferase. Control activity can be monitored without the use of radioactive materials.


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Luciferase Control RNA

L456A 2 × 10μl

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For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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