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Looking for simplified methods for detecting the activity of purified cellular proteases? Browse our bioluminescent assays for proteases with known substrates like calpain and DPPIV. To assess the enzymatic activities associated with the proteasome, check out our Proteasome-Glo™ Assays for cells or purified enzymes. All you need is a luminometer for detection.

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What are Cellular Proteases?

Cellular proteases are essential to many physiological processes. Being able to study known and novel proteases are important for understanding cellular function as well as for drug screening for possible inhibitors. For many proteases, the substrate is known, making it simpler to measure protease activity and determine if a compound modulates the enzyme function. However, some protease substrates are unknown and use other techniques to determine which protein or proteins a particular protease binds and cleaves. Most assays that measure protease activity use purified enzymes, but some assays can assess activity in cultured cells. An easy assay with sensitive detection that offers flexibility and consistency can help streamline studying cellular proteases and investigating possible inhibitors.