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A Bioluminescent Assay for Calpain Activity

Martha O’Brien1, Mike Scurria2, Kay Rashka1, Bill Daily2 and Terry Riss1
1Promega Corporation and 2Promega Biosciences, Inc.
Publication Date: 2005


We have developed an exceptionally sensitive assay for the proteases calpain I and II. The Calpain-Glo™ Protease Assay is a rapid, homogeneous assay with a luminescent signal that is proportional to the amount of calpain present in the sample. The Calpain-Glo™ Assay uses a recombinant thermostable luciferase, Ultra-Glo™ Luciferase, that dramatically improves sensitivity and detects calpain over a broad range of activity.

Promega Notes 91, 6–9.