28th International Symposium on Human Identification Poster Abstracts

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Poster # Author Title
1 Cassidy Forensic Biology Under the Microscope
2 Channell Iso/TC 272 Forensic Science
3 Kim The Latest Trend in Property Crime DNA Analysis in Metropolitan Region of Korea and Introduction of Extraordinary Caseworks Which Includes the Mixture Analysis
4 Ligondé Clothing and Bedding From Sexual Assaults Cases: Is DNA Analysis Still Relevant After Laundering?
5 Piovanelli How Copan Adjusted to the New International Standard ISO 18385:2016 in Order to Minimize the Risks of Detectable Human DNA Contamination in its Forensic Products
6 Scudder DNA Phenotyping: Intelligence and the Judicial Process
7 Tsukada Comparative Study of Operability Between Newly Designed Simple LIMS for Small Laboratory, SimpDoc and Existing LIMS
8 Duncan The Effect of Automated Methods on Forensic DNA Workflow Management
9 Grant Rapid DNA Works in the Booking Environment
10 Watsula Bode Armor: Enhanced Protection for DNA Databanking Samples
11 Adams Swap the Swab: Improved DNA Stability and Recovery of Evidentiary Samples
12 Alem qPCR Analysis of Enhanced Fingerprints Deposited on Brazilian Military Firearms
13 Ashe Combining mtDNA Sequence Information with Single Amino Acid Polymorphism (SAP) Analysis Offers Greater Discrimination for Shed Hairs
14 Grimes Evaluation of TCEP and IAM on Low Level Samples
15 Castriciano MicroFLOQ® Device Allows Real Time Crime Scene Investigations
16 Donfack An Assessment of Head Hair Comparison Via Protein Profiling
17 Fontana Precise Isolation of Sperm Cells from FFPE Tissue Sections Simulating a Sexual Assault Victim
18 Ge Updated Automate Express™ Extraction System Protocol Card with Variable Elution Volumes
19 Goecker Optimization of Human Hair Proteomic Processing to Maximize Total and Genetically-Variant Peptides
20 Hian Ng Simple DNA Extraction of Urine Samples: Effects of Storage Temperature and Storage Time
21 Honkanen Hamilton easyPunch Validation for Use in the Direct Amplification of EasiCollect+ FTA Cards
22 Hwang The Effect of Various Decomposition Environments and Elapsed Time After Death on the Costal Cartilage DNA
23 Lee Rapid, Microwave-Accelerated DNA Extraction from Saliva, Semen and Hair for Downstream PCR Typing
24 Lee Transfer of Biological Materials: Is it Easy?
25 Loten Evaluation of the Casework Direct Kit for Efficient Screening of Sexual Assault and Touch DNA Samples
26 Holland Characterization of mtDNA Deamination Damage Using Massively Parallel Sequencing and Evaluation of the NEBNext® FFPE DNA Repair Mix
27 Rogers Improving the Efficiency of Sexual Assault Kit Processing by Evaluating the Predictive Value of Acid Phosphatase and Prostate Specific Antigen Testing Over Time in Cases of Sexual Assault
28 Rosso Copan 4N6FLOQSwabs® Performance Validation With Verifiler™ Express PCR Amplification Kit: A Simplified Forensic Workflow for Human Identification
29 Sabadra Development of an Innovative Approach to Human DNA Quantification Analysis
30 Savoldi Copan CPA200™ Semi-Automated Card Puncher – Version 2 Performance
31 Sorensen Alternate Methods for Collection, Preservation & Processing of DNA from Decomposing Human Remains
32 Squassina Long Term DNA Preservation from Buccal Samples Collected with 4N6FLOQSwabs® Genetics
33 Tasker Efficacy of Recovery and Room-Temperature Storage of DNA from Assault Rifle Magazines
34 Watson Whole Mitochondrial Genome Coverage of Touch DNA Recovered from Spent Cartridge Casings Using Double Swab Method with Cotton and Flocked Swabs
35 Zeng Assessment of Impact of Extraction Methods on Analysis of Human Remain Samples on Massively Parallel Sequencing Success
36 Bever Compatibility of Bode Armor and Direct Amplification Chemistries
37 Lago First Evaluation of a Sampling Strategy Allowing for a Quick Screening and Preservation of Sexual Assault Evidence
38 Brown The Development of a Top-Down Proteomic Method for the Confirmatory Identification of Saliva and Semen By Quadrupole Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
39 Lewis An Evaluation of the Forensic Detection of MicroRNAs in DNA Extractions for Source Identification
40 Mayes A Capillary Electrophoresis Based Method for Identifying Forensically Relevant Body Fluids Using miRNAs
41 Michaels Identification of Body Fluids by mRNA Analysis with Minion Nanopore Sequencing
42 Siegel Confirmation of Muscle Protein Polymorphisms Useful for Human Identification
43 Wendt The Future of the CYP2D6 Molecular Autopsy Using Tramadol-Exposed Individuals
44 Pedroso Rapid DNA Generates Actionable Results for Criminal Investigations: Miami Beach Police Department’s Pilot Program
45 French The ANDE Expert System: Fully Integrated Data Interpretation Software for Rapid DNA
46 Ji A Multiplex System of Autosomal and Y Chromosome STRs Integrated with ABO Typing for Forensic DNA Analysis
47 Jing Getting Partial Profiles from DNA Mixture in Solving Cold Cases
48 Baksh Non-Specific Amplification in Casework Samples Using PowerPlex® Fusion Amplification Kit
49 Burton Direct Amplification of Blood on Crime Scene Substrates using the QIAGEN Investigator® 24plex GO!
50 Damaso Comparison of Polymerases through Amplification of Mitochondrial DNA from Hairs Representing Various Ethnicities and Treatments
51 Gillespie Autosomal STR Typing of the Punta Gorda Subpopulation of the Garifuna using the PowerPlex® Fusion 6C System
52 Hahn Mo Loci, Mo Problems: An Evaluation of Outside Marker Range Alleles in Megaplex Kits
53 Holt Methods for Improvement of Allele Recovery with the GlobalFiler Assay
54 Jardel Comparison of Two Promega Extended CODIS Core Loci Amplification Kits, PowerPlex® Fusion and PowerPlex Fusion 6C, for use on Casework Samples
55 Krenke An Improved Capillary Electrophoresis System for Human Identification
56 Lauck Eight-Dye PowerPlex® STR System for Improved Human Identification on the Spectrum CE System
57 Lee Detection of Maternal DNA Profile from Severely Decomposed Placenta of Dead Abandoned Baby
58 McLaren Sequencing with the Spectrum Compact CE-System: A Personal Capillary Electrophoresis Device
59 O'Bannon Case Study: Complexities of Bone and Tissue Isolation and DNA Typing in Human Forensics
60 Raley Direct Amplification of Sperm using Laser Microdissection and Promega’s PowerPlex® Fusion 6C Amplification Kit
61 Sprecher The Spectrum Compact CE System – Fragment Analysis
62 Thompson An Integrated, Centrifugally-Driven Microdevice for Forensic STR Profiling Through Electrophoretic DNA Separation
63 Rangel-Villalobos Genetic Diversity, Admixture, and Structure of the Mexican Mestizo Population Based on the X-STR Decaplex System
64 Novroski Upping the Mixture Game: Newly-Adopted STR Markers for Enhanced DNA Mixture De-Convolution
65 Ambers Improved Y-STR Typing for Disaster Victim Identification, Missing Persons Investigations, and Historical Human Remains
66 Bryan Significantly Increasing Throughput for DNA Y-Screening of Sexual Assault Evidence, Facilitated by 96-Well Plate Processing
67 Camp Can the Rapidly Mutating Loci in the Yfiler Plus® Amplification Kit Differentiate the Members of a Large Family?
68 Xu Genetic Polymorphism of Twenty-Three Y - STR Loci in Han Population in Tianjin
69 Liu The Study of a SNP-Multiplex for the Ancestry Inference of Five Continental Populations
70 Qifan The Validation Analysis of the 27-Plex SNP Panel for Ancestry Inference
71 Greytak SNP Recovery from Degraded Samples for Kinship Assessment
72 Calloway Mitochondrial Genome and Nuclear SNP Probe Capture Next-Generation Sequencing System for Analyzing Degraded and Mixed DNA Samples
73 Rosa Sawitzki Evaluation of Six SNPs and Gender to Predict South Brazilian Subjects Phenotype
74 Wang Massively Parallel Sequencing of Forensic STRs using the Ion CHEF™ and the Ion S5™ XL System
75 Baker Considerations for Assessing Precision of Sequence-Generated Data: “Feasibility and Guidance Study of Next Generation Sequencing for Forensic DNA Applications”
76 Bintz Assessment of Enrichment Methods for Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS) of Human Mitochondrial DNA from Compromised Samples
77 Bonds Assessment of Oxidative mtDNA Damage on Bullet Cartridge Cases: A Modeled Approach
78 Cooley Accuracy and Reliability af Ancestry Predictions from the Precision ID Ancestry Panel for Pure Native and Forensically Relevant Samples
79 Elwick Comparative Tolerance of Two Massively Parallel Sequencing Platforms to Common PCR Inhibitors for Missing Person Cases
80 Faith PopSEQ – The STR Sequence Diversity Database
81 Hermanson Whole Mitochondrial DNA Analysis by Massively Parallel Sequencing using the PowerSeq™ Whole Mito System
82 Paynton Internal Validation of the STK Sperm Tracker Procedure
83 Hudlow Internal Validation of the MiSeq FGx Forensic Genomics System
84 Kulstein As Solid as a Rock – The Petrous Bone as a Source of DNA for the Comparison of CE- and MPS-Based Forensic Identification of Challenging Cranial Bones
85 Moore DNA Radar: Revelation of Surnames from DNA Samples with Next Generation Sequencing
86 Moreno Internal Validation of the ForenSeq™ DNA Signature Prep Kit for Reference Samples: Successes and Lessons Learned
87 Moura-Neto PowerSeq™ Auto/Y Systems Prototype: Population Data, Sensitivity and Mixtures Studies on Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS) Platform
88 Silva Genetic Analysis of Southern Brazil Subjects Using The PowerSeq™ AUTO/Y System for Short Tandem Repeat Sequencing
89 Stuhlmiller Use of Massively Parallel Sequence Analysis to Further Characterize a Unique Single Genetic Inconsistency Observed in a Parentage Test at the vWA Locus
90 Williams Evaluation of Portable Nanopore STR Sequencing Coupled to a Customized Cloud-Enabled Data Analysis Platform
91 Woerner Quality Scores in MPS Data: What are They Good for?
92 Downey Improving the Workflow for Mitochondrial Control Region Analysis with Massively Parallel Sequencing
93 Zhao The Application Study of DNA Facial Predication in Forensic Science
94 Gagliardi Implications in the Report of Length Heteroplasmies in Homopolymeric C-Tracts of Mitochondrial DNA D-Loop
95 Houston Nuclear, Chloroplast, and Mitochondrial Data of a US Cannabis DNA Database
96 Kim Expression of E-Selectin and ICAM-1 mRNA Using RT-PCR In Antemortem and Postmortem Injuries in Forensic Autopsy Cases
97 Sinha The Analysis of Challenging Human Remains Samples using Novel Retrotransposable Element-Based Technologies
98 Wiley Typing Highly Degraded DNA using Circularized Molecules and Target Enrichment
99 Yip Sex Estimation Based on Analysis of the Enamel Proteome
100 Song Mutual Independence of Loci in Databases of Multi-Locus Genotypes: Application for Human Identification and Relationship Test
101 Berdine Likelihood Ratios with Different Numbers of Contributors
102 Esterline The Impact of Probabilistic Genotyping on Casework Previously Reported as Inconclusive: A Review of Cases Within the Cuyahoga County Regional Forensic Science Laboratory
103 Greenspoon Probabilistic Modeling Coupled to Cell Separation Platforms Can Provide a Quantitative Assessment of Mixture Simplification and Improve Interpretation of Complex Samples
104 Hendricks Genemarker®HTS (High Throughput Sequencing) Software Update – Now Includes Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Analysis Capabilities
105 Just Use of the LUS to Facilitate Probabilistic Interpretation of Sequence-Based STR Data
106 McElhoe Weight Estimates and Statistical Evaluation of the Independence of Heteroplasmy and Haplotype Based on Rate Data from a European Population Group
107 Molina Probability Match in Odontology Identification using Cluster Analysis and Bayesian Logistic Regression
108 Mukhtar Feasibility Evaluation of a Familial Search Model using Likelihood Ratios
109 Myers Simulating Families from STR Data Derived from Files Exported from CODIS
110 Snyder-Leiby A New Approach to Probabilistic Mixture Analysis Software
111 Wiegerinck The Effect of Handling Allelic Dropout in Likelihood Ratio Computations for DVI Kinship Analysis
112 Herrera Pinero Evaluating the Statistical Power of DNA Based Identification Exemplified by ‘The Missing Grandchildren of Argentina‘
113 Kakkar SIB Ship Analysis by 12 X-STR Markers
114 Barretto Cicarelli 500 Years Later: Understanding the Genetic Ancestry of the Southeast Region, Brazil
115 Nogueira Mitochondrial DNA Control Region Sequences from Northwest Population of Brazil
116 Abdullah Allelic Frequency and Concordance Study in Kuwaiti Population of Two Amplification PCR Kit Ampfℓstr® NGMSelect™ and PowerPlex® ESI17
118 ZHAO A Multiplex PCR System of Insertion-Deletion Polymorphism Which Apply to Personal Identification of Chinese Population
119 Olson Novel Y-Screen and Direct Amplification Assay using the Quantifiler™ Trio DNA Quantification Kit
120 Jiang Analyses of an Archaic Altitude Adaptation EPAS1 Haplotype Among East Asian Populations
121 Meyer FORENSIC SOFTWARE – SNPs in Flanking Region Enhances Discrimination Power
122 Almohammed A study of degraded bone samples using CE and NGS Methods
123 Armitage A Spectrum of Possibilities

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