28th International Symposium on Human Identification Oral Presentations

Note: Documents in this collection are in PDF format.

Author Title
Capuzzo Inside the Murder Room
Hares CODIS and NDIS Update
Fischer INTERPOL’S Approach to Missing Person’s Family Matching at an International Level: Using Population Data from Geographic Groups for Kinship Calculations
Callaghan FBI Vision for Booking Station Rapid DNA Analysis and Searching of CODIS
Fregéau New Portable Tool Capable of Triaging Evidentiary Samples at Crime Scenes to Provide Reliable Investigative Leads to Fast Forward Investigations
Hubac Bastille Day Killings in the French Riviera: How the Forensic Task Force of the Gendarmerie Identified Victims in Two Days Using an Innovative High Throughput Fast Analysis Mobile Lab
Hynds and Contini The Need for Speed: Swiftly Solving Orange County Crime Utilizing Rapid Technology and the OCDA DNA Database
Panel Discussion Familial Searching: An Appropriate Truth-Finding Tool or an Unwarranted Invasion of Genetic Privacy
Moretti Internal Validation of STRmix™ - A Multi-Laboratory Response to PCAST
Marciano and Adelman A Probabilistic Machine Learning-Based Assessment of the Number of Contributors in DNA Mixtures
Rentas It Runs in the Family or Does it? Using Probabilistic Genotyping to Evaluate Possible Familial Relationships in Complex Mixtures
Churchill The Road to Implementation
Garver Developmental Validation and Optimization of Promega’s PowerSeq™ Auto/Y and 46GY Kits for Forensic Applications
Takahashi Inter-Laboratory Internal Validation Study of the ForenSeq™ DNA Signature Kit
Kennedy Removing Sequencer and PCR Artifacts for Forensic DNA Analysis on Massively Parallel Sequencing Platforms
Guerrieri Battelle’s Final Report on the NIJ Sponsored Initiative: Feasibility and Guidance Study of Massively Parallel Sequencing for Forensic DNA Applications
Moore Unraveling the True Identity of “Paul Fronczak” through Genetic Genealogy
Berry Sean Vincent Gillis, “Token” Serial Killer
Fitzpatrick How Forensic Genealogy Solved the Phoenix Canal Murders
Yacovone-Margetts and Plean The Beauty Queen Killer
Herrin OSAC Biology/DNA Scientific Area Committee Status Report
Smith Resurrecting, Revamping and Revitalizing DNA Testing in the District of Columbia Department of Forensic Sciences
Fashano Validation and Casework Implementation of the Promega PowerPlex® Y23 and Fusion 6C Amplification Systems and Casework Direct at the Columbus Police Forensic Services Center: Troubleshooting, Challenges and Success Stories
Yakoo The Development and Optimization of a Direct Lysis Differential Extraction Process
Landers A New faSTR Forensic DNA System for Portable, Cost-Effective STR Profiling
Schmedes Forensic Human Identification Using Targeted Clade-Specific Markers from Skin Microbiomes with Supervised Learning Classification
Budowle An Alternate Workflow for DNA Analysis with Increased Sensitivity of Detection and Reduced Consumption of Evidence: Casework and Legal Implications
Oefelein We Solve Crime with a Little Help from our Friends

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