Methylation Analysis

Universal Assay for Detecting Methyltransferase Activity

The MTase-Glo™ Methylation Assay is a sensitive, luminescence-based assay that measures the activity of a broad range of methyltransferases, including DNA, protein, RNA and small molecule methyltransferases.

Bisulfite Conversion

The MethylEdge® Bisulfite Conversion System provides an efficient method to rapidly perform bisulfite conversion, giving you more intact, converted DNA for downstream applications.


Improve PCR performance in techniques such as bisulfite-specific PCR with the GoTaq® polymerase family of master mixes.

Methylation-Specific Restriction Enzymes

We offer high-quality, dependable enzymes for cloning and DNA analysis. Promega methylation-specific restriction enzymes include: HpaII, MboI, MspI, and Sau3AI.

Luciferase-Based Methylation Detection

We offer FuGENE® HD transfection reagent and optimized luciferase genes and vectors designed for use in reporter assays. Use these tools to measure methylation status and methylation regulators precisely and with high sensitivity.

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