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Protein analysis

Cell-Based and Biochemical Assays

Luminescent assays you can use for detection of HDAC, SIRT, methyltransferase and various protease activities and protein interaction assays relevant in epigenetic studies.

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Succinate-Glo™ JmjC Demethylase/Hydroxylase Assay

A simple, universal assay to detect the modulation of Jumonji demethylases and dioxygenases.

V7990, V7991

NanoBRET™ Target Engagement BET BRD Assays

Directly measure BET bromodomain-test compound affinity and residence time in live cells.

N2131, N2180, N2130, N2140

NanoBRET™ Target Engagement HDAC Assays

Directly measure HDAC-test compound affinity and residence time in live cells.

N2080, N2081, N2170, N2090

MTase-Glo™ Methyltransferase Assay

Measure methyltransferase activity using a universal bioluminescent assay.

V7601, V7602

6 × 5 LC-MS/MS Peptide Reference Mix

Peptide mix and free software to monitor LC/MS instrument performance.

V7491, V7495

RealTime-Glo™ MT Cell Viability Assay

A bioluminescent method to kinetically monitor viability in cell culture up to 72 hours.

G9711, G9712, G9713

IdeS and IdeZ Proteases

IgG-degrading enzymes that cleave at a single site below the hinge region.

V7511, V7515, V8341, V8345, V8342

HDAC-Glo™ Class IIa and HDAC-Glo™ 2 Assays

Detects HDAC Class IIa and Class I enzyme 2 activity.

G9560, G9590

NanoBRET™ Target Engagement Assay Components

For use with all NanoBRET™ TE (BET BRD, HDAC and Kinase) Assays.

N2150, N2120, N2161, N2160, N2191, E4881

SIRT-Glo™ Assay

Detects activity of NAD+-dependent HDAC class III enzymes and SIRTs.


HDAC-Glo™ I/II Assays and Screening System

Detects HDAC class I and II enzyme activity.

G6420, G6421, G6422, G6430, G6431

MultiTox-Glo Multiplex Cytotoxicity Assay

A fluorescent and luminescent assay that measures the relative number of live and dead cells in a population.

G9270, G9271, G9272

ApoTox-Glo™ Triplex Assay

Measure viability, cytotoxicity and apoptosis in one sample well to confirm mechanism of cell death.

G6320, G6321

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