Cell-Based and Biochemical Assays

NanoBRET™ Protein:Protein Interaction Assays

Live-cell protein interaction assays based on Bioluminescent Resonance Energy Transfer (BRET) for protein targets in bromodomain, transcription and other protein families. Choose a prebuilt assay or purchase vectors and reagents to build your own assays in convenient kit format.

Universal Assay for Detecting Methyltransferase Activity

The MTase-Glo™ Methylation Assay is a sensitive, luminescence-based assay that measures the activity of a broad range of methyltransferases, including DNA, protein, RNA and small molecule methyltransferases.

HDAC-Glo™ I/II Assays

Measure the relative activity of HDAC class I and II enzymes from cell extracts or purified enzyme sources with these assays and screening systems.

HDAC-Glo™ 2 Assay

Selectively measure HDAC isozyme 2 activity or inhibition from cell extracts (cell-based assays) or purified enzyme sources (biochemical assays).

HDAC-Glo™ Class IIa Assay

Selectively measure HDAC class IIa activity or inhibition from cell extracts (cell-based assays) or purified enzyme sources (biochemical assays).

SIRT-Glo™ Assays

Single-reagent-addition, homogeneous, luminescent assays and screening systems that measure the relative activity of the NAD+-dependent histone deacetylase class III enzymes (sirtuins; SIRTs) from purified enzyme sources.

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