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G3 8(6), 1985–1991. Next-generation sequencing of the complete mitochondrial genome of the endangered species black lion tamarin Leontopithecus chrysopygus (primates) and mitogenomic phylogeny focusing on the callitrichidae family. 2018

de Freitas, P.D., Mendez, F.L., Chávez-Congrains, K., Galetti, P.M., Jr, Coutinho, L.L., Pissinatti, A. and Bustamante, C.D.

Notes: Total genomic DNA was extracted from a peripheral venous blood sample from one adult male black lion tamarin using the ReliaPrep™ Blood gDNA Miniprep System. The DNA quality and quantity were evaluated using non-Promega products. (4984)

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Vet. Parasitol. 249, 70–73. Neospora caninum bioassay in gerbils using placental tissues from naturally infected goats. 2017

Costa, R.C., Mesquita, L.P., Nunes, M.V.L., Oliveira, I.M., Oliveira, L.F.S., Souza, A.R., Maiorka, P.C. and Varaschin, M.S.

Notes: Reliaprep gDNA Tissue Miniprep System was used to extract DNA from the placentas and gerbil tissues (brain, pancreas, liver, spleen, heart and skeletal muscle). Then PCR was performed to detect the presence or absence of N. caninum NC5 gene and serum samples were collected for the indirect fluorescent antibody test using non-Promega Products. (4978)

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Exp. Parasitol. 177, 66–72. Standardization of DNA extraction from sand flies: Application to genotyping by next generation sequencing. 2017

Casaril, A.E., de Oliveira, L.P., Alonso, D.P., de Oliveira, E.F., Gomes Barrios, S.P., de Oliveira Moura Infran, J., Fernandes, W.S., Oshiro, E.T., Ferreira, A.M.T., Ribolla, P.E.M. and de Oliveira, A.G.

Notes: Three protocols using ReliaPrep™ Blood gDNA Miniprep System kit and three protocols based on the classical phenol-chloroform extraction method were compared with respect to the yield and quality of the extracted DNA from 24 male sand flies. To evaluate the integrity and purtiy of the extracted DNA, PCR reactions were performed in a final volume of 25μL, containing 5μL of gDNA, 12.5μL of GoTaq MasterMix. (4981)

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J. Immunol. 194, 3029-3034. Functional Analysis of a Complement Polymorphism (rs17611) Associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis 2015

Giles, J. L., Choy, E., van den Berg, C., Morgan, B. P. and Harris, C. L.

Notes: For this research, blood was collected into EDTA from healthy individuals and from individuals with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, and gDNA was purified using the ReliaPrep™ Blood gDNA Miniprep System. (4725)

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Croat. Med. J. 56, 145–151. Polymorphisms of CSF1 and TM7SF4 genes in a case of mild juvenile Paget's disease found using next-generation sequencing. 2015

Donáth, J., Speer, G., Kósa, J.P., Árvai, K., Balla, B., Juhász, P., Lakatos, P. and Poór, G.

Notes: The authors isolated genomic DNA from 200 µL of peripheral blood using the ReliaPrep™ Blood gDNA Miniprep System and used as input for amplicon production followed by NGS. (4912)

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131, 754-756. Translational Research in Pediatrics II: Blood Collection, Processing, Shipping, and Storage 2012

Gillio-Meina, C., Cepinskas, G., Cecchini, E. L. and Fraser, D. D.

Notes: The authors outline best practices for blood collection, processing, shipment, and storage in an effort to encourage and optimize translational research using blood from pediatric patients. The ReliaPrep­™ Blood gDNA Miniprep System and the Maxwell® 16 LEV Blood DNA Kit are highlighted as all-in-one methodologies for DNA purification from blood or buffy coat. (4722)

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