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J. Clin. Invest. 98(1), 43-49. Acute regulation by insulin of phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase, Rad, Glut 4, and lipoprotein lipase mRNA levels in human muscle. 1996

Laville, M., Auboeuf, D., Khalfallah, Y., Vega, N., Riou, J.P. and Vidal H.

Notes: Promega's Tth DNA Polymerase, pGEM®-T Vector System and Riboprobe® System were used in this study. (2002)

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Neuron 14, 813-823. Neuronal adaptation to amphetamine and dopamine: molecular mechanisms of prodynorphin gene regulation in rat striatum. 1995

Cole, R.L., Konradi, C., Douglass, J., and Hyman, S.E.

Notes: Primary striatal cells were transfected using Transfectam® Reagent (ratio = 1:5; 5µg DNA per 25µg reagent) for 4 hours in serum-free medium. Probes used in Northern blot analyses were synthesized using Promega's Riboprobe® in vitro Transcription System. (1314)

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J. Virol. 64, 5988-5996. Use of a cell-free system to identify the vaccinia virus L1R gene product as the major late myristylated virion protein M25. 1990

Franke, C. A. , Wilson, E. M. , Hruby, D. E.

Notes: Authors used the Riboprobe® in vitro Transcription System to make RNA and translate it in the Wheat Germ Extract System to study myristlyation of the protein. (1170)

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