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Measuring the QuantiFluor™ dsDNA System Using the QuantiFluor™-ST Fluorometer

Publication Date: 11/12


Traditional spectrophotometric assays cannot determine DNA concentration below 2µg/ml; however, many isolated DNA samples have concentrations well below that level. The QuantiFluor™ dsDNA System provides a fast, easy and sensitive method for determining DNA concentrations as low as 2.5ng/ml (or 0.5ng/well). The QuantiFluor™ dsDNA System contains a fluorescent DNA-binding dye that enables sensitive and specific quantitation of small amounts of double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) in solution. The dye shows minimal binding to single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) and RNA, allowing specific quantitation of dsDNA.

This Application Note describes the protocol for using the QuantiFluor™ dsDNA System with the QuantiFluor™-ST Fluorometer and the PCR Tube Adapter. The QuantiFluor™ PCR Tube Adapter allows for sample volumes as little as 100µl without sacrificing instrument sensitivity.

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