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Review Article

siRNA review

Exploring Gene Expression Through siRNA and miRNA Transfection

Learn how genetic knock-down with small RNA is used to understand various regulatory pathways.

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Research Highlights

Simultaneous inhibition of DNA-PK and Polϴ

Simultaneous Inhibition of DNA-PK and Polϴ Improves Integration Efficiency and Precision of Genome Editing

This study used high-throughput screening to identify compounds that enhance homology directed repair (HDR) and reduce side effects associated with Cas9.

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Customer Spotlight

Interviews and case studies featuring novel ways in which our customers are using Promega products

Dr. Xie’s group developed a NanoLuc® SARS-CoV-2 reporter virus to identify selective inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2.

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Technical Articles

Improved Human Identification with 8-Dye STR Multiplex Technology
The Spectrum CE System and 8-dye technology enable accurate and reliable DNA profiling, even in complex forensic cases.

Reproducible Drug Screening Assays Using Single Organoids
CellRaft® Technology and Promega assays help to accelerate the adoption of organoid models in high-throughput screening applications.

Immunogenic Cell Death: Methods to Measure Damage Associated Molecular Patterns (DAMP)
Easily monitor immunogenic cell death with two homogeneous, bioluminescent assays. 

Lumit™ Cytokine Assays: Interpolating Data with the GloMax® Discover
The GloMax® Discover enables rapid interpolation of unknown cytokine concentrations.

Homogeneous Assays for Triglyceride Metabolism Research
Measuring triglycerides and their metabolism is important for understanding metabolic disease.

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