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Customer Spotlights and Case Studies

Customers are using our products and technologies to solve real-world research problems. Learn from their stories and browse case studies to see how we can help you tackle your biggest challenges.

Customer Spotlights



Dr. Alan Richardson, Keele University

Dr. Richardson’s lab uses the NanoBiT® Protein:Protein Interaction System to measure the association of two proteins involved in autophagosome formation in live cells.



Dr. Aldo Pourchet, Omios Biologics

Dr. Pourchet explains the power of recruiting viruses for immunotherapy, and how real-time monitoring assays are key to developing this approach.

Live-Cell Imaging


Dr. Li-Fang Chu, University of Calgary

Using bioluminescence live-cell imaging in a stem-cell model, Dr. Chu’s group studied a gene involved in human embryonic development.

Three-D Cell Assays


Samantha Llewellyn, Swansea University

Samantha Llewellyn uses the CellTiter-Glo® 3D Assay as part of her work to develop predictive 3D liver models for nanomaterial safety assessment.

Viral Research


Dr. Claudia Bagutti, State Laboratory of Basel

Dr. Claudia Bagutti, microbiologist and molecular biologist in the State Laboratory of Basel-City, Switzerland, discusses tracking SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater samples.

Metagenomics, Microbes and the Meaning of Life

Dr. Xuping Xie, University of Texas Medical Branch

Dr. Xie’s group developed a NanoLuc® SARS-CoV-2 reporter virus to identify selective inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2.

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