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Case Study: Batch-Processing of Drinking Water Samples for Microbial Testing

August 29, 2019


For Zurich Water Works (WVZ), monitoring microbial load in their water distribution system is a huge challenge. They manage a large and complex water system and need to test a high volume of water samples throughout their system. Microbial testing is especially important for WVZ because the water is not chlorinated before distribution, making microbial regrowth a major concern. If microbial contamination is not addressed quickly enough, it could potentially jeopardize public health and be costly to resolve.



Zurich Water Works uses a single-sample microbial testing method to detect microbial regrowth, but it required excessive time and labor.


The Water-Glo™ 96-well batch method allows them to process 90 samples at once and get results within an hour.

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