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NanoBRET™ BRD4/Histone H3.3 Interaction Assay

Instructions for Use of Product(s)

Literature # TM444

The NanoBRET™ BRD4/Histone H3.3 Interaction Assay monitors the interaction between human BRD4 (Bromodomain containing protein 4) and histone H3.3 in living cells. This technical manual describes optimized NanoBRET™ protocols specific for detecting the interaction of either full-length BRD4 protein (BRD4 FL) or the N-terminal BRD4 bromodomain (BRD4 BD1) with the histone H3.3 variant. In this assay, we have included both the full-length BRD4 and highly studied BD1 alone for users that may want to understand the contribution of the bromodomain alone in addition to the full-length protein.

Summary of Change
The following change was made to the 12/15 revision of this document:
Updated the Chroma emission filters to use with the PerkinElmer EnVision® Multilabel Reader.

Printed in USA. Revised 12/15.