Lactate-Glo™ Assay Technical Manual

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
J5021, J5022

Literature # TM493

The Lactate-Glo™ Assay is a bioluminescent assay for rapid, selective and sensitive detection of L-Lactate in biological samples. The assay couples lactate oxidation and NADH production with a bioluminescent NADH detection system. Lactate dehydrogenase uses lactate and NAD+ to produce pyruvate and NADH. In the presence of NADH a pro-luciferin Reductase Substrate is converted by Reductase to luciferin, which is then used in a luciferase reaction to produce light. The Lactate-Glo™ Assay contains an L-lactate selective lactate dehydrogenase to confer specificity for L-lactate, the major stereoisomer found in mammalian cells.

The luminescent signal is proportional to the amount of lactate in the sample and increases until all lactate is consumed, at which point a stable luminescent signal is achieved.