ADCC Reporter Bioassay, Complete Kit (WIL2-S)

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
G7014, G7013, GA1154

Literature # TM386

Antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) is a mechanism of action of antibodies through which virus-infected or other diseased cells are targeted for destruction by components of the cell-mediated immune system, such as natural killer cells. The ADCC Reporter Bioassay is a bioluminescent reporter assay for quantifying biological activity on pathway activation by therapeutic antibody drugs in an ADCC mechanism of action (MOA) assay. The assay combines a simple, add-mix-read format, effector cells provided in frozen, thaw-and-use format, and an optimized protocol to provide a bioassay that has low variability and high accuracy. Moreover the bioassay can be performed in a single day. These performance characteristics make the bioassay suitable for applications across antibody drug research, development and manufactured lot release. The thaw-and-use cells provided in the ADCC Reporter Bioassay kits are generated under highly controlled conditions that drive low assay variability run to run, while providing the convenience of an assay reagent that eliminates the need to propagate and prepare cells each time.
The ADCC Reporter Bioassay, Complete Kit (WIL2-S), contains all the components and reagents necessary to perform an anti-CD20-based ADCC Reporter Bioassay. The kit provides Control Ab, Anti-CD20, and is an ideal way for a new user to become acquainted with the bioassay. If your test antibody recognizes a different target antigen expressed on WIL2-S cells, the kit can still be used to perform the ADCC Reporter Assay on your antibody.

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