American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo 2023

AACC connects global leaders in clinical chemistry, molecular diagnostics, mass spectrometry, translational medicine, lab management and other areas of breaking science in laboratory medicine.

From development of custom assays and high-throughput solutions to simple changes in product size or packaging, our custom offerings cover a breadth of capabilities in manufacturing, technology development, assay and lab automation, and inventory management. 

Fit-For-Purpose Lyophilized PCR Amplification Assays

We now offer capabilities to support customers who want lyophilized amplification assays that are amenable to point-of-care applications. As a primary manufacturer of PCR enzymes and reagents, we can efficiently support you in the development, verification, and production of a lyophilized PCR amplification assay.


Everything you need in a single bead.

Custom Manufacturing Services: Exactly What You Need, Delivered Where and When You Need It

Finding a manufacturer, OEM or custom order supplier that can reliably provide high-quality reagents and assay components at the volume and frequency required to meet your needs can be challenging. We offer customizable options on a wide range of reagents and will partner with you to collaboratively develop a solution to meet your specific needs.

Customized Sample Prep Solutions 

Are you developing a molecular diagnostic assay? Then you need high-quality nucleic acid purification to ensure your assay is accurate and efficient. Maximize the success of your assay development with our customized sample preparation solutions.  

Made-to-Order Master Mixes

Use our PCR Optimization Kit to determine your PCR assay’s optimal formulation, then share it with us! We will manufacture it under cGMP and deliver to you a 2X PCR Master Mix for convenient and robust PCR assay performance.

The PCR Optimization Kit provides a range of buffer formulations appropriate for endpoint and real-time PCR that can be used for manufacture of custom master mixes. With the addition of reverse transcriptase, RNase inhibitor and fluorescent dyes, these reagents also support RT-qPCR applications. This article shows how to use the buffers supplied in the PCR Optimization Kit to perform RT-qPCR and provides example functional data. 

Lab Automation Solutions and Support 

Automating your workflow is easier with dedicated support from an experienced partner. Our automation scientists have broad experience implementing Promega chemistries on liquid handlers from most leading laboratory automation providers. 

We offer instruments, chemistries and personalized support to simplify the process of automating your lab. Our modular nucleic acid purification solutions let you adapt your laboratory workflow as your needs change.

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