Nano-Glo® HiBiT Blotting System

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Fast Luminescent Detection of Proteins on Blots

  • Determine protein size and quantify expression on blots
  • Protocol requires only minutes, with few processing steps
  • Femtogram sensitivity proportional over five orders of magnitude


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Nano-Glo® HiBiT Blotting System
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Rapid Detection of HiBiT-Tagged Proteins on Blots

The Nano-Glo® HiBiT Blotting System visualizes HiBiT-tagged proteins on blots at subpicogram levels. The reaction uses a detection reagent containing LgBiT Protein, which complements the HiBiT tag to form the luminescent NanoBiT® enzyme.

The blotting system requires as little as 5 minutes to detect HiBiT-tagged proteins on a nitrocellulose membrane. Standard antibody-based blotting protocols can take multiple hours to detect the protein of interest.

Protein Quantitation & Detection Hero Art Floating

Simple Antibody-Free Detection Workflow

Using the Nano-Glo® HiBiT Blotting System, any HiBiT-tagged proteins can be visualized on membranes following gel separation. The blotting reagent, which contains the LgBiT Protein and furimazine substrate, is added directly to the membrane, and a luminescent signal is produced only where HiBiT is present.

This simple method requires as few as 5 minutes to perform in contrast to the multiple hours and many steps needed for standard antibody-based blotting protocols. Because luminescence is only produced only where HiBiT is present, background is minimal.

Rapid, Bioluminescent HiBiT Blotting Protocol

Sensitive Visualization of Blotted Proteins

HiBiT-tagged proteins can be detected at subpicogram quantities using the Nano-Glo® HiBiT Blotting System. This means the system is sensitive enough to detect proteins at endogenous expression levels.

  • Verify molecular weight of HiBiT-tagged proteins
  • Identify expression of splice variants
  • Quickly screen transient transfections or CRISPR knock-ins

Signal Proportional Over 5 Orders of Magnitude

Proportional Bioluminescent HiBiT Blotting Signal

Confirms Expression After Transient Transfection or CRISPR Integration

HiBiT Blotting of Transiently Transfected HeLa Cells

The Nano-Glo® HiBiT Blotting System can confirm the molecular weight of HiBiT-tagged proteins.

Blot to Confirm Molecular Weight of HiBiT Tagged Proteins

Confirming Endogenous HiBiT Tagging of GAPDH

You can screen for effectiveness of guide RNAs and demonstrate successful editing after CRISPR/Cas9 insertion.

Blot Confirms CRISPR Knock In of HiBiT into GAPDH

Real-World Example: Using CRISPR Gene Editing to Add HiBiT to Endogenous Genes

Learn how the tiny 11-amino-acid luminescent tag called HiBiT can quantify protein abundance even at endogenous levels. CRISPR-mediated gene editing was used add the HiBiT tag to several endogenous genes, including HIF1α, and quantified protein levels in response to various stimuli.

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Article On HiBiT Protein Quantitation & Labeling


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Nano-Glo® Luciferase Assay Substrate N113A 1 × 200μl

Nano-Glo® Blotting Buffer

N242A 1 × 10ml

LgBiT Protein

N401C 1 × 0.5ml

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For uses of Nano-Glo®-branded reagents intended for energy transfer (such as bioluminescence resonance energy transfer) to acceptors other than a genetically encoded autofluorescent protein, researchers must:
(i) use NanoBRET®-branded energy acceptors (e.g., BRET-optimized HaloTag® ligands) for all determinations of energy transfer activity by this product; or
(ii) contact Promega to obtain a license for use of the product for energy transfer assays to energy acceptors not manufactured by Promega.

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U.S. Pat. No. 8,809,529, European Pat. No. 2635582, Japanese Pat. No. 5889910 and other patents and patents pending.

Patent Pending.

U.S. Pat. Nos. 9,797,889 and 9,797,890 and other patents pending.

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