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Transcend™ tRNA

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Non-Radioactive Detection of In Vitro Translated Proteins

  • Biotin tag allows detection of 0.5–5ng of protein
  • Tag is stable in synthesized protein for 12 months
  • No radioisotope handling, storage or disposal issues


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Transcend™ tRNA
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Transcend™ tRNA is a precharged, biotin-labeled, lysine tRNA that can be used with eukaryotic or prokaryotic in vitro translation systems to tag a protein for easy detection. The biotin tag is stable for 12 months, both as a reagent and after incorporation into protein.

Using the Transcend™ Non-Radioactive Translation Detection Systems, as little as 0.5ng of protein can be detected via Western blot using either chemiluminescent or colorimetric techniques. Results can be obtained 3–4 hours after gel electrophoresis.



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Transcend™ tRNA

L506A 1 × 30μl

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