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OncoMate™ 5C Matrix Standard

MD3850 OncoMate MSI Dx Analysis system kit box with tubes

  • 5C Matrix Standard labeled with fluorescein, JOE, TMR-ET, CXR-ET and WEN
  • Calibration Standard for use with the OncoMate™ MSI Dx Analysis System
  • IVD Medical Device
  • CE-Marked and available in select European countries; FDA-cleared in the United States


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OncoMate™ 5C Matrix Standard
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The OncoMate™ 5C Matrix Standard consists of DNA fragments labeled with five different fluorescent dyes (fluorescein, JOE, TMR-ET, CXR-ET and WEN) in one tube. OncoMate™ 5C Matrix Standard is used to calibrate the Applied Biosystems® 3500 Dx Genetic Analyzer prior to running the OncoMate™ MSI Dx Analysis System to distinguish fluorescent signals from the specific dyes used in the assay.

Intended Use statement: The OncoMate™ 5C Matrix Standard is used for spectral calibration of the Applied Biosystems® 3500 Dx Genetic Analyzer configured with a 50cm 3500 Dx Capillary Array and POP-7® 3500 Dx Series polymer. The spectral calibration procedure generates a multicomponent matrix that is applied during the subsequent analysis of amplification products from the OncoMate™ MSI Dx Analysis System.

Representative Data

Figure 16091MA - Representative data for the OncoMate™ 5C Matrix Standard
Figure 1. OncoMate™ 5C Matrix Standard data. Panel A. Resolved fragment peaks. Panel B. Dye emission spectra.
The FDA-cleared OncoMate™ 5C Matrix Standard (Cat.# MD4850) is available in the United States only. For information about availability in other regions, including the CE-marked product available in select European countries, please contact us.


What's in the box?

Item Part # Size

Matrix Dilution Buffer

MD191A 5 × 200μl

5C Matrix Mix

MD430A 1 × 150μl

Certificate of Analysis

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Use Restrictions

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use. This product is only available in certain countries.

Storage Conditions


Patents and Disclaimers

U.S. Pat. No. 9,139,868, European Pat. No. 2972229, Japanese Pat. No. 6367307 and other patents pending.

TMR-ET, CXR-ET and WEN dyes are proprietary.

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