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Spectrum CE System

Discover the CE You've Been Missing

  • Continuously accessible 4-plate capacity
  • Multi-kit compatibility, including next generation of PowerPlex® 8-dye chemistries
  • Not yet available for sale

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This product is discontinued
Spectrum CE System

Spectrum CE System

Forensic analysts have a busy schedule filled with processing challenging casework samples and planning urgent, last-minute runs. Science should not be so stressful. The Spectrum CE System is a capillary electrophoresis instrument designed to offer more efficient STR analysis and better results, built with input from analysts throughout the field.

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This is a front-facing view of Spectrum CE System

Flexibility for Your Workflow

You’ve told us what challenges you face in your work, and we hope to mitigate them with thoughtful features that free up time and give you choices to get more done.

Photo of Spectrum CE System with open door.

Save Space and Time

Good design means more than just looking pretty on a lab bench; it also means caring about how you interact with Spectrum on a daily basis. How do we realize that? With doors that open vertically to give quick access to consumables without knocking over materials on the bench.

Capacity Where It Counts

Forensic analysis has many challenges; running sample analysis shouldn’t be among them. That’s why Spectrum CE System has capacity for four plates of samples, including the ability to run a partial plate without wasting reagents.

Spectrum CE System has a convenient 4-plate drawer for increased capacity.

Smooth Operator

Sometimes you can benefit not just from good hardware choices, but smart software that gives you a push. Spectrum CE System comes loaded with features to have you quickly running analyses.

Spend Less Time Importing and Tracking Samples

Spectrum features automatic recording of plate barcodes and automatic importing of plate map files—making importing sample names a one-click process. There is less opportunity for error with an exact record of the plates analyzed, and easier, faster operation.

1. The Spectrum drawer opens to reveal 4 plate positions.
2. Barcoded plate is loaded into base and retainer.
3. Plate is loaded in an open position (D).
4. Drawer is closed, the barcode is automatically scanned and the plate map file with a matching barcode is identified. The user only needs to select "Link" to automatically import the map into the run queue.
5. Once the plate is linked, the run can be started and plate data will include the identifying barcode information.

Spectrum Control Software

The Spectrum Control Software provides an uncomplicated organization of instrument operations and results. Quick and simple run initiation enables flexible management of instrument use. Watch the “Overview” and “Beginning a Run” videos below!


Get up and running quickly with this brief overview.

Beginning a Run

Starting analysis runs is as easy as selecting a file.

Plate Queue

Balance high-priority work with plate re-runs using a scheduling queue.


Spectrum Control Software will let you keep the workflow that works for you.

Spectrum CE-Related Consumables
Related consumables, such as prefilled buffer and polymer, will be offered in convenient, ready-to-use packaging. Spectrum uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to track key consumables with minimal “hard stops” limited to situations where there is a risk of instrument damage.

This is a picture of optical plate seals for PCR plates.

Tame Your Most Challenging Samples

Whether you face degraded samples, unseen levels of inhibitors or other kinds of challenges, Spectrum CE System supports 8-dye technology to help you get results you can use, no matter the condition.

Loci Layout
Direct Amplification
Inhibitor Detection

Majority of Autosomal STRs are Less Than 325bp

The PowerPlex® 35GY 8C System allows co-amplification and fluorescent detection of the 20 CODIS Core Loci plus Amelogenin and DYS391 for gender discrimination. Penta D, Penta E and SE33 also are included to increase discrimination and allow searching of databases that contain profiles with these loci.

Additionally, we’ve designed the layout to allow smaller amplicon sizes for these particularly informative loci: SE33, D21S11 and D2S1338. Ten additional Y-STR loci are included to assist with forensic casework on sexual assault evidence or to enable familial searching, a technique known for its ability to provide investigative leads.


The PowerPlex® 35GY 8C System allows co-amplification and detection of 35 loci, 24 autosomal, and 11 Y-STR loci (represented by lighter shades): CSF1PO, D3S1358, D5S818, D7S820, D8S1179, D13S317, D16S539, D18S51, D21S11, FGA, TH01, TPOX, vWA, D1S1656, D2S441, D2S1338, D10S1248, D12S391, D19S433 and D22S1045, SE33, Penta D, Penta E and Amelogenin; DYS391, DYS385a/b, DYS390, DYS438, DYS448, DYS456, DYS 458, DYS481, DYS635 and DYS643.

High Quality Results from All Your Samples

Designed to work exclusively on the Spectrum CE System, the PowerPlex® 35GY 8C System is compatible with both extracted DNA and direct amplification samples. High quality results can be obtained from all reference and casework samples in both full-volume (25μl) and half-volume (12.5μl) reactions. This figure shows results from a reaction run at half-volume.

Electropherogram showing half-volume reactions of the PowerPlex 35GY 8C System

DNA from a buccal swab in Swab Solution was amplified for 25 cycles in a 12.5μl reaction. Amplified samples were separated on the Spectrum CE system using a 2kV, 24s injection and 13kV run voltage. Analytical thresholds for each dye color were determined based on average noise + 10 SD.

Detect Inhibitors with an IPC

New in the 8-color PowerPlex® systems is the inclusion of an Internal PCR Control (IPC) to assess the presence of inhibitors, designed to minimize the need to repeat unusable or poor STR analyses which resulted from inhibited DNA. The IPC can provide more information about the sample, allowing you to make better decisions.

Electropherogram showing control reaction with IPC using the PowerPlex 35GY 8C System.

2800M Control DNA (1ng) was amplified with the prototype PowerPlex® 35GY 8C System. Amplification products were separated using the Spectrum CE System.

Compatible with the Kits You Already Love

Spectrum CE System supports 8-dye technology, but if you’re comfortable with existing 4-, 5- and 6-color kits you’ve already brought online, we’ve got you covered. You’ll be able to continue using those same products and still have access to the increased throughput and flexibility Spectrum CE enables.

PowerPlex® Fusion 6C System

This electropherogram shows amplification products from PowerPlex Fusion 6C System separated on Spectrum CE System.

2800M Control DNA (1ng) was amplified with PowerPlex® Fusion 6C System. Amplification products were separated using the Spectrum CE System.

GlobalFiler® PCR Amplification Kit

This electropherogram shows amplification products from GlobalFiler PCR Amplification Kit separated on Spectrum CE System.

2800M Control DNA (1ng) was amplified with GlobalFiler® PCR Amplification Kit. Amplification products were separated using the Spectrum CE System.

Ready to Go the Distance

Just like design means more than a pretty faceplate, support means more than just leaving a crate on your door. We expect to be there when you need us, whether that means servicing your instrument or offering application support and training to your requirements.


Phone-based and on-site consultation in addition to data analyses and summary reports are the kinds of options for support you can expect.


As you transition to include the Spectrum CE instrument in your lab, we will be with you every step of the way. We offer on-site instrument, software and application training as well as timely on-site installation and service, ensuring minimal interruptions to your lab’s operations.


If you want regular servicing and maintenance, we can take care of you. In addition to standard maintenance contracts, we have additional packages to keep your Spectrum running.

GeneMarker®HID Software for Spectrum CE System

GeneMarker®HID Software for Spectrum CE System

GeneMarker®HID Software for Spectrum CE System (GMHID-Spectrum) supports data analysis with all commercially available human identity kits. A range of reporting options are available to meet LIMS and report printing needs, and analysis and display options can be easily configured to support your laboratory’s workflow. Other benefits include:

  • Database searching and relationship testing modules
  • Review tools, such as automated contamination checking and project comparison
  • Time savings of at least 25%
  • Less analyst intervention
  • Supports Spectrum (.promega) and existing CE data (.fsa and .hid files)

Download GeneMarker® Software 

Navigation pane from GeneMarker HID Software for Spectrum CE System.

Linked Navigation: Simply click on a peak or in the table to highlight data details.

Electropherogram from GeneMarker HID Software for Spectrum CE System.

Multi-Color View: View/comment/edit all dye channels for an allelic ladder or sample on one screen.

Software Tutorials

We’ve created a handful of videos to help you get started with GeneMarker®HID Software for Spectrum CE System.

Introduction and Preparing for Analysis

Introduction to the Software


Using the Panel Editor to Set Analysis Parameters


Using the Positive Control Template Editor


Performing Analysis

Importing Raw Data Files


Using the Run Wizard


Introduction to the Main Analysis Window


Reviewing Data

Reviewing Electropherograms and Peak Tables


Using the All Color Browser Window


Reviewing Size Standard Calibrations


Let's find the product that meets your needs.

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