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GeneMarker®HID Software for Spectrum CE Systems

Custom built for Promega Spectrum CE Systems by SoftGenetics, LLC., an industry leader in analysis software. 

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GeneMarker HID for Spectrum software download

GeneMarker®HID Software for Spectrum CE Systems and HIDAuto for Spectrum CE Systems are created by SoftGenetics, LLC.

Please review the End User License Agreement, Warranty and Disclaimers during registration or visit

Recommended for use with Windows® 10.

Software Download

The file download allows installation as either a free 30-day trial or a full installation with a license password. Licenses are available for purchase from your local Promega Sales Representative. Local (CE3001), Network (CE3010) and Client (CE3011) licensing options are available, as well as GeneMarker®HID Software for Spectrum CE Systems Training (S3114).

If you already purchased licenses, your passwords were provided on the Registration Information Document.

Installation instructions are provided in the GeneMarker®HID Software for Spectrum CE Systems User Manual, #TM555.

Need help recovering license passwords or installation support? Please contact Promega Technical Services at or toll-free in the U.S. at 1-(608) 492-3940.


If you are an existing GeneMarker®HID customer, please contact SoftGenetics at before installing GeneMarker®HID Software for Spectrum CE Systems.

Software Tutorials

We’ve created a handful of videos to help you get started with GeneMarker®HID Software for Spectrum CE System.

Introduction and Preparing for Analysis

Introduction to the Software

Using the Panel Editor

Using the Positive Control Template Editor

Performing Analysis

Importing Raw Data Files

Using the Run Wizard

Introduction to the Main Analysis Window

Reviewing Data

Reviewing Electropherograms & Peak Tables

Using the All Color Browser Window

Reviewing Size Standard Calibrations