Cloning Tools and Competent Cells

Build Your Customized Cloning "Kit"

CloneWeaver™ Workflow Builder helps you build a customized cloning "kit" with all of the items your cloning scheme requires.

Single Step KRX Competent Cells

Efficient transformation and regulated protein expression. Ideal for rapidly generating new clones for recombinant protein expression.

pGEM® 3Zf+/- Vectors

Multi-purpose, blue/white screening vector with many unique restriction sites. Use as a standard cloning vector, for in vitro transcription, or for production of circular ssDNA.

T4 DNA Ligase

Blue/White cloning qualified. Use to join two strands of DNA between the 5´-phosphate and the 3´-hydroxyl groups of adjacent nucleotides in either sticky- or blunt-end configuration.

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