Amplification Assay Reagents

Robust and reliable MDx amplification assays require assay components that are manufactured under controlled processes and meet QC specifications that qualify the component to contain minimal contaminants that could negatively impact the assay’s performance. Using amplification components with a common baseline for quality provides confidence in assay development, which facilitates focus assay development on performance and not troubleshooting amplification component quality.

Our amplification products for clinical labs include high-quality GoTaq® enzymes and supporting reagents for routine PCR applications, as well as XpressAmp® Reagents, which support direct amplification from clinical samples.

We also offer customizable options such as the PCR Optimization Kit, which is used to survey PCR amplification conditions specific to your application. With this kit, you simply perform a short series of experiments with your existing primers/probes to quickly identify optimal amplification conditions. Once you have identified an optimized PCR master mix formulation using the PCR Optimization Kit, you are ready to order your made-to-order 2X PCR master mix.

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