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Tracer Dilution Buffer

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For use with NanoBRET® Target Engagement Assays

  • Required to maintain solubility of NanoBRET® TE Tracers
  • Component of NanoBRET® Target Engagement Assays available for purchase separately


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Tracer Dilution Buffer
$ 255.00
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Tracer Dilution Buffer is required to maintain solubility of concentrated solutions of NanoBRET® Intracellular TE Tracers when diluting the tracers into an aqueous solution. NanoBRET® Intracellular TE Tracers are diluted to a 20X stock concentration in Tracer Dilution Buffer prior to addition to the cell culture medium.


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Tracer Dilution Buffer

N219B 1 × 50ml

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For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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