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Transfection Carrier DNA

Plasmid DNA Used to Dilute Expression or Reporter Vectors for Transfection

  • Maintains the total amount of DNA used in transfection while reducing the amount of expression or reporter vector
  • Lowered expression of the protein of interest can overcome potential overexpression artifacts
  • Ratio of carrier DNA to reporter DNA may need to be optimized, depending on the application
  • Supplied at a concentration of 1µg/μl

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Transfection Carrier DNA
5 × 20μg
$ 149.00
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Transfection Carrier DNA is a plasmid DNA used to reduce the amount of an expression vector or reporter vector in mammalian cell transfection without reducing the overall amount of DNA. Diluting reporter DNA into Transfection Carrier DNA results in lowered expression of the protein of interest, overcoming artifacts due to overexpression. This is especially relevant when strong, constitutive promoters (e.g., CMV) are used. Depending on the application, the ratio of reporter to Transfection Carrier DNA may require optimization.

This product is made from pGEM®-3Zf(–) Vector but has been purified using a method that results in low endotoxin carryover, making it more suitable for use in transfecting mammalian cells.


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Transfection Carrier DNA

E488A 5 × 20μg1μg/μl


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