Protein Expression

Protein Expression Categories

Eukaryotic Cell-Free Protein Expression

Use plasmid or PCR DNA as templates to express full-length, soluble, functional protein in 1-4 hours with the TnT® cell-free systems. No requirement to reclone; use standard vectors containing either a T7, T3 or SP6 promoter.

Cell-Based Protein Expression

Convenient mammalian systems and competent cells designed for easy, controlled protein expression.

Analysis of Translational Regulation

Rabbit Reticulocyte Lysate Translation Systems for the identification of mRNA species, characterization of their protein products and the investigation of viral replication and translational control.

Prokaryotic Cell-Free Protein Expression

Express up to 500µg/ml protein directly from circular plasmid DNA using a cell-free E.coli-based system. No requirement for special equipment. Kits also available for linear or PCR DNA templates.

Protein Labeling and Detection

Cell imaging, in vivo imaging and protein localization systems. Fluorescent and colorimetric labeling systems for immunoblotting.

Protein Deamidation Detection

The ISOQUANT® Isoaspartate Detection Kit offers a safer alternative to radioactive methods for protein deamidation testing.