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Support for CROs

Promega has partnered with over 500 contract research organizations (CROs) globally to help them serve their clients better. CROs currently use Promega assays for early-stage drug discovery, bioanalytical testing, genomic analysis and many other applications.

Does your CRO offer COVID-19-related services? Check out our COVID-19 Detection, Assay and Therapeutic Development resources.

Why Partner with Promega?

Over 500 CROs served
Over 40 years of expertise supporting CROs
We can work with your clients to transfer assay technology
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Working with Us

Most Promega products do not have restrictions for commercial use; however, some are covered by a limited-use label license (LULL) that precludes commercial use. If you are interested in using these products in fee-for-service work, please contact us.

CRO Case Study

Learn how Aurelia Bioscience is using NanoBRET™ technology to speed up their drug discovery workflow.

Solutions for Small Molecule Drug Discovery

Target identification

Target Identification

Chemoproteomic Method for On- and Off-Target Identification: This novel platform uses a photoreactive cleavable chloroalkane tag that can be attached to bioactive compounds. The tagged compounds, bound to their respective cellular targets, can then be isolated for identification by mass spectrometry.

Target validation

Target Validation

NanoBRET™ Target Engagement AssaysPutative targets identified by mass spectrometry can be readily verified using bioluminescence resonance energy transfer (BRET). By exchanging the chloroalkane tag for a fluorophore, direct binding to the targets can be revealed through proximity of the fluorophore to a small NanoLuc® luciferase molecule, which is genetically fused to the putative target.

high throughput screening HTS

High-Throughput Screening

Accelerate your small molecule drug discovery process with a broad portfolio of high throughput-compatible biochemical and cell-based assays.

Lead opimization

Lead Optimization and Validation

Easy to use assays provide a comprehensive assessment of cell health state in multiple model systems and sample types, including 3D microtissues, primary cells, and stem cells. Whether your target of interest is a kinase, GPCR or a disease-relevant signaling pathway, our sensitive, target-specific assays for lead compound optimization and validation can help. 

Solutions for Biologics Drug Discovery and Development

Biologics temp

Functional Bioassays

Reporter bioassays are  used to characterize and develop novel antibody-based therapeutics. Explore our comprehensive portfolio of functional bioassays that provide a convenient, add-mix-read format applicable throughout the drug development workflow. 
bioanalytical testiing

Bioanalytical Testing

Analytical characterization of biologic drugs is critical during all stages of the drug development workflow. Explore our bioanalytical tools for antibody purification, internalization, peptide mapping, and analysis of glycosylation and post-transcriptional modifications.

Solutions for Genomic Analysis

Nucleic Acid Extraction Solutions for CROs

Nucleic Acid Extraction

Regardless of sample type, you can choose nucleic acid extraction kits that generate high yields. From single-prep manual solutions, to cartridge-based Maxwell® Systems, to plate-based processing compatible with high-throughput liquid handling systems—Promega chemistries cover the range of your purification needs.

Nucleic Acid Quantitation and Analysis Solutions for CROs

Nucleic Acid Quantitation and Analysis

A diverse portfolio of products support your nucleic acid quantitation and analysis needs. These sensitive and accurate methods include fluorescent dyes and fluorometers, as well as qPCR and qRT-PCR kits, to provide consistent, reliable results for downstream analysis.

We're here to help you support your clients!  Talk to our CRO Support Team to get started.

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Webinar: Choosing a Bioactivity Assay

Screening for SARS-CoV-2

Promega and Arctoris (UK) discuss the use of Lumit™ technology to study the interactions between SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and the human ACE2 receptor.

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Ask the Experts: 3D Cell Culture and Assays

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Bottoms Up: Improving Proteomic Sample Preparation

A multi-enzyme workflow, developed in collaboration with Just Biotherapeutics, greatly improves sequence coverage for mass spectrometry analysis of therapeutic antibodies.

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