Applitek EZ-ATP® Online Analyzer

Automated Online Microbial Analysis of Water Samples

  • Complies with ASTM D4012 Standard Method
  • Measures 0.5–200pg/ml ATP
  • Low cost of analysis at 2,500 measurements per 250ml bottle of reagent

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Applitek EZ-ATP® Online Analyzer

Fast, Sensitive, Fully Automated Microbial Detection


Bacteria present in water samples cause issues such as biofilm formation and microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC). Measuring ATP levels in water samples is an easy way to determine the amount of viable biomass in water. The EZ-ATP® Analyzer combines the speed, sensitivity and reliability of ATP detection with online sampling and analysis. By rapidly detecting low levels of live microbes, you can intervene quickly and prevent downtime.


 No Delay between sample collection, measurement, analysis and reporting.

 Rapid measurement: 10–15 minutes (including lysis of sample).

 Auto calibration and built-in cleaning protocol.

 Stable reagent: 6 months at 4°C.

 Eliminates bias from the composition of growth media, as seen with plate counting.

 Complete ATP recovery: Detect intracellular, extracellular and total ATP.


Protect Your Process with the EZ-ATP® Analyzer

 Monitor contamination to prevent biofouling

 Reduce biofilm formation on surfaces

 Limit microbiologically-induced corrosion (MIC)

 Monitor health of biofiltration beds

 Extend lifetime of membranes by preventing clogging

 Monitor effectiveness of biocide treatments

Linear Response of Entire Analytical Range


Monitor Low Levels for Sensitive Applications


Also Available: Single-Sample or 96-Well Batch Water-Glo™ Kits

Not ready for a fully automated system? Water-Glo™ Microbial Water Testing Kits are manual ATP assays that allow you to process up to 96 samples at once and get results in minutes. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ATP and how can you use it to measure bacteria?

ATP is the "energy currency" of all living cells and degrades rapidly when a cell dies. Because of this property, ATP serves as a biomarker for living organisms in a sample and can be used to quantitate the live microbes present.

What is bioluminescence?

Many living organisms, including fireflies, release light energy from chemical reactions. These reactions are catalyzed by proteins in the cell called luciferases, and they require oxygen, ATP and a luciferase substrate. The bioluminescent reaction can be harnessed to detect the required components (such as ATP) in the environment. 

How does ATP measurement compare to other forms of microbial detection?

Most common methods for detecting microbes in water measure biofouling potential (TDC, AOC or BDOC) or the development of biofouling (pressure drop or BFR). Heterotrophic plate counting directly measures viable microbes, but it is slow and detects less than 10% of viable bacteria. Flow cytometry and PCR improve turnaround time and accuracy but neither method directly measures live bacteria. ATP detection is the only method that directly assesses living cells from any type of microbe, providing an immediate indication of microbial contamination in your sample.

Will ATP analysis identify what kind of contaminants are in my sample?

No. ATP analysis detects the presence of living organisms, but does not identify the species. It can be used as an early detection system, and if a bioluminescent signal is detected, other methods, such as PCR or NGS, may be used to identify the specific organism.

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