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ENLITEN® rLuciferase/Luciferin Reagent

Detect and Quantitate ATP in Liquid Samples


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ENLITEN® rLuciferase/Luciferin Reagent
100 assays
$ 192.00
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The ENLITEN® rLuciferase/Luciferin Reagent is intended for the rapid and quantitative detection of ATP in liquid samples. The reagent is designed to measure 10–11 to 10–15 moles of ATP. Some of the applications may include the indirect measurement of bacteria, yeasts and fungi on surfaces or in products, assaying enzymes that degrade ATP or quantitation of ATP in biological fluids.

Less Variation: Stable light output.
User Friendly: Easy-to-prepare reagents.
Performance: Fast and convenient assay method.
Sensitive: Detects as little as 10–15 moles of ATP.


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Item Part # Size

rLuciferase/Luciferin Reagent

F120A 1 × 1 vial

L/L Reconstitution Buffer

F180A 1 × 12ml


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