Applications of Bioluminescent Research Tools Showcased at Global Seminar Series

Life science and drug discovery researchers from around the world will explore possibilities of luciferase technologies at Promega Discover Glo 2021 online event September 13-16

Madison, WI USA. (August 24, 2021)

Life science and drug discovery researchers interested in bioluminescent tools will have the opportunity to hear from global thought leaders on the possibilities and applications of luciferase technologies during the upcoming Discover Glo 2021 virtual seminar series. Hosted by Promega and held September 13-16, the series will advance understanding in important therapeutic areas such as Targeted Protein Degradation and Kinase Biology.

Over the last three decades, assays and technologies utilizing the natural phenomenon of bioluminescence have gone from novel research tools to foundational elements of the modern research toolbox. Innovation utilizing bioluminescent approaches continues, further expanding both the available methods and the scientific advancements made by life science and drug discovery researchers.

Discover Glo 2021 will feature industry experts and Promega scientists who will share updates on important research topics and recent technology advancements that can be applied to Kinases, GPCRs, Targeted Protein Degradation and other drug targets and research areas. In honor of the 30th anniversary of the first bioluminescence-based products launched by Promega, Bill Linton, President & CEO of Promega, will open the series with comments on the past, present and future of bioluminescent technologies.

Discover Glo 2021 daily topics:

  • Bioluminescence: Past, Present, Future (9/13)
  • Applications of CRISPR Knock-in Tagging for Studying Endogenous Protein Dynamics (9/14)
  • Understanding Kinase Target Engagement in Live Cells (9/15)
  • Advances in Targeted Protein Degradation (9/16)

Discover Glo 2021 speakers:

  • Alessio Cuilli, Professor of Chemical and Structural Biology, University of Dundee
  • Susanne Müller-Knapp, Chief Operating Officer, SGC-Frankfurt, Director of Operations of the Chemical Probes Portal
  • Kevin Pfleger, Director, Biomedical Innovation, The University of Western Australia and MTPConnect WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub
  • Takahide Matsushima, Assistant Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
  • Benedict-Tilman Berger, Team leader cellular assays, SGC Frankfurt
  • Pablo Marco-Moreno, Neurobiologist and PhD Student, Biodonostia Sanitary Research Institute
  • Thomas Machleidt, Director of the Advanced Technologies Group, Promega
  • Danette Daniels, Senior Research Scientist, Promega
  • Matthew Robers, Senior Research Scientist, Promega
  • Christopher Eggers, Senior Research Scientist, Promega
  • Bill Linton, President & CEO, Promega

Discover Glo began in 2005 as an annual tour of European cities featuring presentations by Promega and local researchers. In 2020, the event was hosted virtually as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The seminars will be held virtually again in 2021, expanding access outside of Europe to researchers around the world.

About Promega Corporation

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