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Genetics 154, 1239-1253. The Drosophila melanogaster ade5 gene encodes a bifunctional enzyme for two steps in the de novo purine synthesis pathway 2000

O'Donnell1, A. , Tiong, S., Nash, D. , Clark, D.

Notes: Polyadenylated RNA [poly(A)-RNA] was purified from 0.5 mg total RNA using the PolyATtract® mRNA Isolation System. For primer extension, a primer was radiolabeled by 5' phosphorylation with [γ-32P]ATP using the Primer Extension System. The primer extension reaction was performed using 10 µg of total RNA from adult Canton-S flies and 100 fmol of a 32P-labeled primer. Size markers were a 32P-labeled Promega phiX174/Hinf I Marker standard. (0588)

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