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Cell 109, 757-767. E. coli transcription repair coupling factor (Mfd protein) rescues arrested complexes by promoting forward translocation. 2002

Park, J-S, Marr, M.T., and Roberts, J.W.

Notes: Promega's Streptavidin MagneSphere® Paramagnetic Particles (SA-PMPs) were used to bind a biotinylated DNA template and E. coli RNA polymerase in an open transcriptional complex. The synthesized RNA template was intentionally paused at certain points by nucleotide deprivation. The ability of the DNA repair protein Mfd to assist in elongation of the paused complex and release the radiolabeled RNA transcript from the strepavidin beads as the template was elongated were measured by gel electrophoresis. In the absence of NTP substrates, release of the transcript from the beads was also demonstrated. The ability of Mfd to act on the RNA transcript by both elongation and release was tested in the presence of GreB, another DNA repair enzyme with cleavage activity, as well as by protein interference of both an engineered RE site and sigma 70. (2492)

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J. Biol. Chem. 274, 26369-26377. Antiproliferative activity of G-rich oligonucleotides correlates with protein binding. 1999

Bates, P.J., Kahlon, J.B., Thomas, S.D., Trent, J.O. and Miller, D.M.

Notes: In this paper, Streptavidin MagneSphere® Paramagnetic Particles (SA-PMPs) were used to capture biotinylated oligo-protein complexes. The HeLa Nuclear Extract, Gel Shift Assay Grade, was used for EMSAs and Southwestern blotting. (1468)

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Clin. Chem. 44, 2471-2479. Characterization and immunological determination of the complex between prostate-specific antigen and alpha2-macroglobulin 1998

Zhang, W.-M., Finne, P., Leinonen, J., Vesalainen, S., Nordling, S., Rannikko, S., Stenman, U.-H.

Notes: Biotinylated antibodies specific to prostate specific antigen (PSA) were coupled to the Streptavidin MagneSphere® Paramagnetic Particles (SA-PMPs). Complexes of PSA and alpha2-macroglobulin were formed in vitro and reacted with the coated SA-PMPs. Less than 1% of the PSA was not bound by the alpha2-macroglobulin and thus >99% of PSA was sequestered by the alpha2-macroglobulin and unavailable for reaction with the antibodies. (0097)

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Genetics 150, 1125-1131. Mouse Brachyury the Second (T2) is a gene next to classical T and a candidate gene for tct. 1998

Rennebeck, G., Lader, E., Fujimoto, A., Lei, E.P., Artzt, K.

Notes: Streptavidin MagneSphere® Paramagnetic Particles (SA-PMPs) were used to capture biotinylated primer probe in a random access retrieval of genetic information by PCR (rargip) screening [ABE, K., (1992) Rapid isolation of desired sequences from lone linker PCR amplified cDNA mixtures: application to identification and recovery of expressed sequences in cloned genomic DNA. Mamm. Genome 2:252-259]. The pGEM®-T Vector System and PolyATract® mRNA Isolation System were also used. (0513)

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