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AccuMAP™ Low pH Protein Digestion Kits

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
VA1040, VA1050

Literature # TM504

The AccuMap™ Low pH Protein Digestion Kit is designed for accurate, reproducible characterization of biotherapeutic proteins by peptide mapping using LC/MS or UV HPLC. The entire sample preparation procedure is performed at low (mildly acidic) pH to suppress artificial deamidation and disulfide bond scrambling. The kit also contains an optional agent for suppression of protein oxidation during sample preparation.

Summary of Changes, 7/2018 revision: 

The following changes were made to the 7/2018 revision of TM504: The Predigest protocol step in Sections 3.A, 3.D, 4.A and 4.D was revised.

Revised 7/2018