Nano-Glo® Luciferase Assay System Technical Manual

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
N1110, N1120, N1130, N1150
Literature # TM369

Nano-Glo® Luciferase Assay System provides a simple, single-addition reagent that generates a glow-type signal in the presence of NanoLuc® luciferase. The reagent is prepared by mixing Nano-Glo® Luciferase Assay Substrate and Nano-Glo® Luciferase Assay Buffer and contains an integral lysis buffer to use directly on cells expressing NanoLuc® luciferase or culture medium when the luciferase is secreted.
NanoLuc® (Nluc) luciferase is a small (19.1kDa) engineered luminescent reporter. The enzyme is about
150-fold brighter than either firefly (Photinus pyralis) or Renilla reniformis luciferase, using a novel coelenterazine analog (furimazine) to produce high intensity, glow-type luminescence. The luminescent reaction is ATP-independent and designed to suppress background luminescence for maximal assay sensitivity.

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