pNL3.2.NF-κB-RE[NlucP/NF-κB-RE/Hygro] Vector Product Information

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
Literature # 9PIN111

The pNL3.2.NF-κB-RE[NlucP/NF-κB-RE/Hygro] Vector contains five copies of an NF-κB response element (NF-κB-RE) that drives transcription of a destabilized form of NanoLuc® luciferase, an engineered small (23.3kDa) luciferase fusion protein. The NlucP reporter consists of NanoLuc® luciferase with a C-terminal fusion to PEST, a protein destabilization domain, which responds more quickly and with greater magnitude to changes in transcriptional activity than unmodified NanoLuc® luciferase.

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